2 My Husband is an Orge : Chapter 2

Aine grabbed only her purse and her cellphone before she closing and locking her car door. She didn't know how long it would take in till she got back but it felt at best to lock it up. She turned back to Miss. Kokushibyo. At a closer view, Aine could see how old she truly was. She looked to be in her early 90's yet, She walked with such ease that she wondered how well fit the woman was. " We better get moving, It seems to the storm is going to start again." Aine looked towards the scare and watched as the flashes of yellow lights danced across the black sky. She swallowed and nodded following after the old woman as she seemingly glided through the mud with ease.

"Tell me, Deary, What's a young woman like you doing out here so late?"

" Um, I got called in by my boss to look at some artwork and he usually isn't a very patient man. I thought I was going down the right road but I guess the storm confused me." She explained as she followed Kukushibyō from the muddy to a set of stone steps that seemed to lead up towards the mountain. That sight made her heart drop and for a moment she actually considered going back to the car. But, The rain and the utter cold made her battle through the idea and take a chance in climbing up.

"Do you known there is a story that goes with these steps here, Deary?" Kukushibyo laughed as she takes the steps with rapid speed. "At the top of these hill lays the tome of a Demon. Long ago these lands were ruled by a cruel overlord. Every night he would take the women and children of the village and sacrifice them in order to full fill his amusement. One Day, A old Monk came to him and told him that one day his cruelty would come to haunt him. That he would one day have a son who would be shaped from his cruelty and that he would punish the lord with his own hell. The Lord laughed and ignored the warning. A year passed and one of the lord's wives grew heavy with child. " Aine's eyebrows rose and she had to ask " What happened?"

" She gave birth to a Demon."

" A Demon."

"Yes, An Oni. Her son born from his father's cruelty became a servant of hell." The air seemed to become colder as the grew closer to the top. "At First, she raised him in secret but the nature of her son grew in till finally, The Lord discovered his son. Ordered him to be killed but you can't easily kill a Demon. Instead, He ordered his son to be sealed within the tome above the amount. Oh, Where here now? I can finally get some help with you now." Aine raised her head at her words. But, Instead of a village, there stood only a black maw that seemed to be the forest opening. Aine turned to look at Kira when suddenly she felt the heaviness of something presences behind. She could only manage out "Miss, Ku." before she was pulled into the darkness and the world went dark.

"This is the best We can do in such short notice."

Aine peeled her eyes open at the sound of Kira's voice. Her body felt so heavy and cold as she tried to get a view of what was happening around her. The smell of rotting wood and wet dirt drowned her sense of smell while shadows seemed to draw along in her vision. It takes a view moments but she finally seems to focus as she caught the view of a man and woman standing by the entrance of her cell. The man was tall about 6ft with midnight black hair and pasty grey skin. He was thin and dressed in a black and red robe while the woman who sounded exactly like Kira wore a robe of white and black. Her eyes focus on a cave opening not that far from the cell door.

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"The barriers are getting weaker and weaker. We better hurry." The man whispered as she stared across the cave. His body seemed to scream unease and fear as he turned back towards the woman.

" It is such a shame. She is so beautiful. I had never seen such a pair of blue eyes before or such fair skin." The woman laughed as she edge towards the door. She couldn't scream as they picked her up from the ground and carried her from the cell and into the cave. The world became shrouded in a blanket of darkness once more as the lights deemed for only a split second. She squeezed her eyes are she tried to fight the heaviness in her limbs and mouth. She didn't care if her screams couldn't be heard. She didn't want to be hurt without fighting back. When she felt her back be eased against something her eyes snapped open once more.

Her heart stopped at the sight of not the horn man but instead of the blood that lay scattered at his feet and the bleeding heart that spread along with the table before him.

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