97 Approaching Gilang for Money



Rani stares angrily at her reflection in the long mirror that fits perfectly, glaring from top to bottom, looking very charming. But wait, the perfection of her body is not something to be proud of.

Because now, someone who should have stolen her attention to gain a prominent position had just dumped her. Moreover, she did not know at all what was the basic reason for Farel to maintain his marriage with Zulfa.

"Now, what should I do? What's the use? It's only for wealth? Why doesn't he let me enjoy Brahmana's treasures too?"

Rani ruffled her hair, luckily every strand of her hair had a straight texture that fell over her shoulders. So, it will not make her hair tangled and messy.

"After successfully accompanying you to increase your position and wealth, you just dumped me, Farel?"

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