My Husband 's RageMy Husband 's Rage

My Husband 's Rage

by Vinni_Dolf

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I screamed, I screamed so hard but he becomes deaf, his girls tied my hands to his bed and he dismissed them. I am lying all naked in front of him and he is watching me like an eagle, ready to pounce on me, I don't know him, I never loved this man. " nil don't do this please nil, don't do this, ........ I am begging you leave me alone.......... I am someone's wife " I said shit I said this to him. now he is burning in rage, I can see his veins, his anger-filled eyes, he came near me in a blink and punched my jaw, he gropes my blossoms and squeezes them so harshly " you let him touch you, you were cheating on me, I was madly in love with, I was searching you like a mad man, you married that kid, who is like your kid. and because of him and his family, you killed my mom " said nil and start slapping me, he slapped my blossoms, then he took out his belt and start lashing on me without any count. I screamed in pain, I yelled in pain but it's of no use. my whole body is aching so badly, I felt wetness on my body and then I realized I am bleeding. in a few seconds nil discard his clothes. " no.....he can't do this to me......he can't...... I can't let him, I am someone's wife, kabir will never forgive me, he'll kill me, he'll demolish me no " I said in my brain when I was in deeps thoughts nil forcefully parted my legs and shoved himself inside me. and my voice stuck in my throat, tears roll down from my eyes, I clutched the bed sheet so tightly and screamed so loudly.

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