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My Hormonal Control Quirk


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What is My Hormonal Control Quirk

Read My Hormonal Control Quirk fanfiction written by the author Shinoera on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, action, r18, system, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Felix's total control over his body's hormones of those he touches was perceived as an unfair and manipulative power by many. Being able to act on people's metabolism around him and, therefore, alter their behavior and even their physical abilities, making them stronger, more handsome, more athletic, without any effort, or making their quirks even more powerful... Yeah, just thinking about this kind of thing just made everyone run away from him. Both a blessing and a curse, his quirk guided Felix toward the wrong path. He ceased counting days at the end of his first year in prison, blasé by his situation and the life he led within four concrete walls. However, after three years in this shit hole, after a deal between the Canadian and Japanese authorities, they decided to free him earlier and send him to Japan, preyed upon by the Hero Commission of the land of the rising sun. The Japanese government that wanted to use him for their ploys soon realized that they had freed someone driven by an ambition to change the world and to have as much fun as possible. Someone they couldn't control. [▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲] Greetings, gentlemen (& maybe gentlewomen?). First time writing a fan-fic. I wanted to bring ideas that will probably never be exploited in the original work (because of the audience the author is aiming at, naturally). [Discord — https://discord.gg/qjmpCXa79U] —The story begins a little while before the first manga chapters. —No Multiverse. —I switch the cover of the book frequently because I'm an indecisive idiot :) —Enjoy your read!

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Greeting, men of culture. You have just stepped into a sanctuary of goodness and delight. —This fan-fic is going to change the canon story into something new by adding a good dose of lemon juice. —Most chapters are longer than 1.5k words (it can reach more than 3k words for some). —Don't expect an MC who wants to be a hero or a villain, what Felix wants is completely different. —All the characters of the manga will make their appearances in the story, be ready for some fun 😏


An absolute gem of a story...I was expecting some bs story where mc fucks all girls by making them horny in 10 chaps or less but thank god it wasn't like that. Writing quality is pretty good and better than almost all fics on this site. Story development is slow, just the way I like it. Characters are portrayed well and they don't feel like cardboard cutouts. Mc is an interesting characters who can have thoughts that are not related to fucking women and even has a proper goal. World background is good as author expands the world and tries exploring it instead of the usual Mc goes to U.A trope which is stale. Overall a decent Mha fic with good writing quality.


Great fan fiction, where the author really worked on it and it is clearly visible. Ranging from a narrative style where there is no meaningless chatter, to sprawling chapters. The author writes very well, adding interesting facts and information about the main character, the story and the world and all that is between dialogues and mental monologo MC. I am surprised and very happy to see this style of storytelling on Webnovel, especially in erotic fan fiction. For this, you have earned my sincere respect. The characters are their behavior and motivations. So far, this is the best performance I've seen among the MHA fanfics. The characters really feel like they're alive, not just cardboard boxes. A lot of facts about the characters, mentions casually, or as if by accident, in the dialogues and so on. That for the reader it is a pleasure to read because your brain starts to work and you realize that this small fact, it matters. Although, to understand such things, you need to be familiar with the original. It's very cool when the author throws crumbs of information into your head, so that your brain works and gets to the truth said behind these crumbs. Of course, this is not a super cool, psychological trick, or the author is a genius with a +999 IQ. This is a popular style of writing, but for 2 months of active reading in Webnovel, I managed to forget, become stupid, and when the author gave food for thought, I seemed to wake up). I admit it sounds unconvincing and banal, but I'm glad that finally, at least someone, does not chew to us, readers. from A to Z. Just respect! A serious approach to the Main Character, his origin, quirk, motivation, goals and the universe of the main character. It's very cool written that I can only praise you for it. Usually in Webnovel, these things are explained in the author's notes, because often these authors simply do not know how to describe the experience, character and development of the actual persons in the book Competent and well-written erotica. From all that I read in Webnovel (I like to repeat myself.) This fan fiction is the closest to the spirit of the job's Cambrian. And if you know who this type is, then you understand that everything is fine with lemon and even more. BIIIIG chapters! Very large chapters for webnovels (Did I tell you that I like to repeat myself?!) this is just crazy! Author, are you a person at all? So many symbols, yet written with high quality?! And all this for free??? *Stood up and began to applaud.* May God bless you author, may God bless you! I just can't find the words, I sincerely thank you. In conclusion, I would like to give you some advice. First, you need to adjust, or even change the description. After reading it, I thought that this is another shit-fanfic and forgot about it. You need to emphasize that this is not stupid garbage fan fiction, but something more serious. Secondly, please do not compete with GhostyZ, you just destroyed it! It is he who should be equal to you, his work looks like a child's doodle in comparison with your fanfiction. I'm not kidding, he just doesn't deserve to be considered a competitor by an author like you. I got acquainted with the work of this GhostyZ and I can honestly say that he is the worst author I have ever seen in 7 years as a reader. Believe me author, from his hands will come out the maximum a weak and mediocre book. Don't humiliate yourself by comparing yourself to this "GhostyGiveMeaStones". Well-deserved 5 stars!


Nice. The writing quality is way better than the other two novels. There aren't any PATREON DEALS every other chapter, which is great. The way you integrate the gamer stuff into it, showing stats and skills, is well done. The story is developing just fine, I'm pretty into it, the MC using his quirk to get girls. The MC is pretty fleshed out, his quirk as well. It's not like the other novel where the MC just gains some OP power right off the bat for no other reasons than finding a harem. The girls so far are fine, cannon girls and no OCs so far, please keep it that way, I'm not particularly good at remembering OC characters other than the MC. What can I say, you really did a good job compared to the other two authors. The first author only had like 3 chapters out, and the other is kind of messy and has a weird cult following for some reason. The writing is really high quality for a webnovel fanfiction, and so is the story. Keep doing a good job.


The FF is neat. When reading the Title, Tags and Synopsis before reading a story you have certain expectations and this one has exceeded my expectations for what I expected. The backstory of the MC is intruiging and is ACTUALLY responsible for his character and personality. The indtroduction is something I appreciate as it shows a preview of his quirk and his character. The explanation of the society, the thoughts of MC and the females having non 1-dimensional personality along with difficulty of making them accept the harem is something that showcases the depth of the world & society and uniqueness of the characters. Keep the good work up Author


Writing Quality: is pretty neat, partly needs some work 9.5/10 idk about updates but dont drop this and keep updating or else 😃🔪 10/10 Story Development: 9.3/10 Character Design: this needs some work 8/10 World Development: 9.7/10


Writing Quality 4 Stability of Updates 4 Story Development 2 Character Design 2 World Background 2 The total score 2.8


is this based on our Lord and savior ratatata bnha doujin ? bruh I'm in


Havent read it yet but the synopis is based off a doujin i don't know about this fan-fic is though if it is then a rabbit is gonna have some fun


Didnt even read the fanfic but read the description, and the author seems modest enough (unless he isnt). Also the fact that he said he wont be like GhostyZ sold me. Take my 5 stars


Erm Hello everyone , i m just here to say that at least this fanfic doesnt ask for power stone and patreo.n for every few chapters if you know what i mean. Nonetheless the story is good but this review is solely for you To know that this fanfic doesn’t demand patreon and power stone for you to read. Peace ✌️


oWo reseña en español. La historia es buena tanto como en desarrollo como en las escenas R-18 y la personalidad de MC es buena, no es del tipo siempre ***o y solo eso. Sigue así, pro que no se te olvide que si no subes un cap por día o la abandonas te persiguire en tu pesadillas (ʘ言ʘ╬)(╬☉д⊙)⊰⊹ฺ


A proper novel and this is fanfic on mha? Groundbreaking... *look at who is author*...oh. So....you take a bet? 50 chapters at most. P. S. How in the world only good fanfics on mha is smut ones? Like wtf?


Great Novel with an Author who can write storys extremely good. Would love to have faster updates but everything else is top. Thanks to the Author and ceep it up :*


genius writing everything is top notch the pacing the character development even though ii m not expert on mha i can still enjoy it but the only problem i have with it is the upload frequency, its such a cool story btw if you are reading this check it out you just can hate any aspect


I didn't read it, but I'm already going to give my 5 stars here, because you are a man of culture like us and challenged GostyZ who annoyed me a little by ruining my immersion by posting an ad every 2 chapters. So you deserves 5 stars.


Absolutely good fking writing and long chapters. The story pretty good too and the mc is pretty chill. The characters so far are written good as well. The fighting scenes are good too that I can visualize them in my head. Now the part that is great is the lemon scenes. The author has talent in writing those lemon scene especially the recent that just came out.


Reading Status: C6 Writing Quality 4-stars Stability of Updates 4-stars Story Development 5-stars Character Design 5-stars World Background 5-stars [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend]


Befor i read what is the protagonists Character like. I mean personalaty, views on murder, Moral bottom lines, wilingnes to compromise/retreat. Another thing im intrested in would be his interactions with women, and how they go, like is he in a submissive position, is he a flirt, a blackmailer. Or a simp. Also if he kills, does he kill women or does he find some random reason not to, like in other fictions. I would also like to thank anyone that took the time to decied to answer my Questions. Something like that isnt a natural, thing to do. And im very thankful to anyone that took that time out of thier day to do that.


is it dropped ?!!!??!!? ................................. .................................................................. ..................................................................


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