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The ICM hadn't wasted any time and had quickly sent a highly respected actor, Clark Reed, over to Dream Vision, along with his agent Mathias Pereira to go over the script of [500 days of Summer].

Clark Reed was a Caucasian man, with a well-built physique. He was known in Hollywood for his upbeat and jovial personality. He could easily be described as the guy people would invite to a party with a second's pause. He had worked in Hollywood as an actor for well over ten years, since 2001, and was known to have taken part in predominantly comedic films with a few fantastic standouts in the Mystery and Sci-Fi flicks.

Both Clark and his agent were highly satisfied with the role of Tom in [500 Days of Summer], as it gave Clark an entry into a new genre of films. With him being finalised for the film, both [1917] and [500 days of Summer] were nearing the end of their pre-production time and were soon to head to the actual shooting. The directors of both the films, Director Lucas, and Director Carlson were going to be filming both the movies simultaneously. This was mainly done so that Will could get some time free for the finalisation of the script of [Liberty City] while his other two projects were completed in the process.

OP Studios and Dream Vision were already starting the talks for the distribution rights and the scope of the marketing necessary for [500 days of Summer], and considering that this was the first film that Amanda was taking care of by herself, she was doing a fantastic job. She had thought of going to Foxstar for the distribution rights again, but with Foxstar's internal management change and with Spencer Miller, still in the hospital, they had not received any word from them in a while. As far as Will knew, Spencer's son was set to take the CEO position from him soon, but they had gone quiet as of late.

Due to the sudden silence from Foxstar, Amanda had elected to broaden Dream Vision's contact list and had shifted to OP Studios for the rights of distribution of [500 days of Summer]. It was a way to ensure that their position isn't threatened if they lose contact with any part of the process in the industry.

The script of [Liberty City] was almost complete. Having rewritten the entire thing at least twice, Will was both anxious and excited for his first original work in the industry. He'd tried learning from the storytelling qualities of many movies from his previous life like [The Godfather], or [Goodfellas], or [The Irishman] and had tried to weave a good story around Grand Theft Auto. The movie's main character, Mario Di Mauro, was going to learn firsthand the vices of a city like hippy New York City, and try to make a name for himself among the criminal underbelly of the city. He was set to face betrayal, grief, action, and drama all tied together with inspired dialogue writing from Will's previous life.

Will had started making Storyboards for each shot in the film and was trying to imagine how each shot in the film was going to take place. He was satisfied with what he had come up with and hoped that the audience liked his brainchild as much as it liked the works he'd brought over from his previous life.

This movie was going to test his mettle as no other film had yet. He was both excited and nervous.


23rd November 2011;

"What a lucky bitch."

"Give me all the opportunities that she's got and I will make twice the larger name for myself."

"What did she do to deserve a straight ticket to stardom?"

"Some people have all the luck"

Whispers of all kinds reached June's ears as she finished shooting the final scene of the day for the independent movie that she had landed. She had grown accustomed to such words and opinions of her colleagues over time, and she had stayed strong through it all. She knew that Will had given her a major boost in her career and if she wanted, she could easily use his fame and ambition to rise further in Hollywood. But, she wouldn't. She did not want to be known as June Roberts, a movie actress that climbed Hollywood using her boyfriend's achievements, she wanted to be known as June Roberts, A self-made star, capable and independent, and with a respected standing in Hollywood, by her own right.

She could still see that the extra actresses on the set were going through the FAME magazine, which had a picture of her and Will featured on the cover. It was the photo of them in the rain, that had been taken by a paparazzi during the shooting of [17 again].

"She doesn't deserve a guy like Will. I mean, she's still an actress at the MCA isn't she, even after the scandal that they'd tried to pull on over him." The supporting actress, Chloe, if she remembered correctly, said to her friend.

"She's just an opportunist, just like the rest of us. I know, I'd have used a golden goose like Will Evans if he'd given me the chance, and I am damn sure you'd have done the same Chloe. Though she isn't very smart, she should have jumped over from the MCA as soon as Will had set up his talent agency." The brunette friend of Chloe, that June couldn't really remember, replied.

"You're right, I would have, I mean I've always wanted an easy career. That's the dream isn't it. –"

June couldn't keep listening to the whispered gossip any longer. She did get the offer of joining the DTA from Will, and she was more and more inclined to take it. But, at the same time, her pride wouldn't allow it of her. She was a prideful woman, Will knew that. Plus, her contract at the MCA was set till the end of 2011, so another month yet remained. She would think of where she would go after that.

People would talk about her throughout her life, such was the carrier that she had chosen for herself. And not all of their opinions would be positive. She had faced many things after her sudden fame after [The Blair Witch Project]. There were even some people that were afraid of her, because of the movie, but that was the kind of movie that she had set out with. And she had been quick in starting work for [17 again] to quickly prevent that image being set in stone in the public's mind. There were people that thought that she would do anything for a good movie, and they had tried to bully her into doing more risqué scenes, and while she had shown off a bit more skin than in either [The Blair Witch Project] or [17 Again], she wasn't going to use her body either as a ticket to stardom. She had slapped the last person that tried to bully her. She was just about to exit the studio, when she got a call from her agent.

"June! I have gone over the script of the advertisement that you're supposed to be working on. It's fairly simple, I hope you can memorise the five lines during the car ride over to the studio" Her agent John informed her. She had increased her workload drastically, trying to use all that the MCA had left to offer her before her contract was complete. That caused her to have shoots back to back, sometimes multiple different ones all ranging from advertisements to auditions for movies.

"Don't worry John, I'll have it memorised and ready by then." She told him.

"Alright June, your driver is waiting outside, I will send over the script of the audition set for tomorrow." He cut the call and she sighed. She had a lot of work and catching up to do, if she wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with Will, and be proud of her own achievements.



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