1 The Move

"Mom! Is the truck here yet?" I yelled.

"Your dad is on his way back now, make sure you get all the boxes out on the porch so we can load em up when he gets here." She yelled back from her bedroom.

I couldn't believe it, I've lived in this house for the first 17 years of my life, almost 18, how was I supposed to just move and leave all these memories behind? I mean sure, I don't have many friends or many good memories, but this was my home. Moving to a new school into a new town in the middle of my junior year of highschool was just a train wreck waiting to happen.


Outside was my dad in the U-Haul truck with my brother driving our car behind him.

"Alright y'all, lets get to loading up, bigger heavier things first!" My dad yelled as he stepped out of the drivers side. He then went around to the back of the U-Haul, unlatched and lifted the door.

I went inside to grab the new dresser my aunt gave me and put it on a dolly.

"Hey John!!!" I yelled and in came my brother.

"Yes Amber?"

"Can you help me get this outside? Its kinda bulky." I laughed at my inability to move the dresser myself. And then he laughed a little too.

"Sure pip-squeek." I puffed my cheeks in frustration as john helped me get the dresser propped on the dolly.

Once all the dressers, mattresses, and other large items were loaded it was time for all the boxes.

"Amber!!!" I heard a familiar voice yell. I turned around to see Maria, Fabio, and Trinity running from the direction of the school.

"YOU GUYS!!! You CAME!" I ran and jumped into their arms as a few tears trailed down my cheek.

"Well of course we came silly." said Maria

"We wouldn't let you leave without saying goodbye!" Said Fabio

"Yeah ya knucklehead, you're the glue that keeps us all together. Without you, this group wouldn't have stayed together as long as it did." Said Trinity.

Well that was the breaking point, I can't believe I'm gonna be leaving these awesome people behind. How will i survive the rest of highschool without them.

"You guys..." And then i started crying in their arms.

"Amber! Your stuff isn't gonna move itself, get a move on!" My dad hollered. I grunted in frustration, making my friends laugh.

"Come on Amber, We'll even help you so we can spend a little more time together." Trinity said. I nodded my head in agreement. We all talked and moved boxes to my dad who was in the back of the U-Haul.

"Well kids, that's all the stuff. Are we ready to go?" My dad asked. I turned to my friends, once again I was in tears. I ran to them and was engulfed in their sweet embrace.

"You've got this." Said Trinity

"We'll facetime every night." Said Fabio

"Don't think you can go and just replace us like that, or I will be your worst nightmare." Maria threatened.

"Don't worry, nobody could replace you guys in my heart.

"Alright Amber, time to get going." Said my mom. And with that i was off to my new town. It was a small town, full of small minded people, but it was gorgeous. So much wildlife, and vegetation, everywhere.

I couldn't believe how small the town was. i was used to my big city, how was i ever gonna adapt?