568 Failed Blind Date

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Gu Weiwei said goodbye to Yuan Meng and Alex Anderson at the hotel, packed up her things and hurried to the airport.

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She planned to fly to Paris in the latter half of the night and discuss the details of the wedding gown with Merlin the following day.

As she was waiting for the plane at the airport, the group chat that had been silent for a long time suddenly became lively again.

Fu Shiyi: [I am extremely good-looking, high class and very wealthy, so why am I so unpopular in the blind dating department?]

Fu Shiqin: [Isn't that normal? Do you really think that everyone loves you?]

He Chi: [Oh my, the blind date turned south!]

On the day that Gu Weiwei left the capital and came to Italy, Fu Shiyi woke up early in the morning and asked the stylist to make him look very handsome.

He even asked someone to draw on eyeliner for him.

Then he went to the place where he was supposed to meet his blind date.

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