10 Chapter : 10 Time Skip

It takes only one thing to change destiny..

Only one person to make a difference..

Only one..

One exploit to have it all

One mistake to lose it all

One word to break the heart

One touch to mend the heart

One action to save a life

One strike to kill a man

One choice to change the fate

One blunder to be hapless

One sin to destroy a soul

One deed to save the soul

One life to fix it all

One death to end it all

One moment to be a hero

And One hero to save them all..


(3rd POV)

[4 months later/ 5 years old]

"I'm not wearing that!!" Bakugo shouted out in protest..

"Everyone is going to be in costumes!! Wear it now.." Her mother said in a stern tone..Holding out the crocodile costume.

"NEVER!!"shouted Bakugo before he ran away from the place..

"STOP!! KATSUKI!!" her mother yelled before chasing after him..

"*Sigh*" The main man of the hosuse just sighed and continued reading his newspaper..

Living with the two bombs, he had mastered the art of disregarding their antics..


"Argh!!" Bakugo grit his teeth in anger as his mother cornered him..

"HAA!! TOUCH ME AND YOUR DEAD!!" His eyes burned with hatred and resentment..

"Just do as she said little bud." his father sagely adviced from the living room..

"YOU CAN SHARE HER COFFIN!!" Bakugo snapped back..

"GOTCHA!!" her mother jumped at him while he was distracted..

"Unhand me woman!! I SAID UNHAND ME!!!" he ordered loudly..while he is forcefully getting dressed into his halloween custome..

"FBI!!!" His roar was heard throughout the entire house and filled the surrounding....

Just another day in the Bakugo's family household..



[1 year later/6 years old]

Well..I found something intresting today..Something really really intresting.

Today at the dojo, I fought this older kid and I learned somthing really important.

To describe the boy in a very short term, he was a 'young master'..


Let me, Bakugo and a young master meet..what kind of stupid divine being would do something like that?

It is said that Gods have no limit, maybe that applies for stupidity..

Because it was a disaster..I have many things that could make me angry and this guy pressed all my buttons..

He introduced himself as 'Augustine August born in August, Son of Augustanly August also born on August'..

His introduction alone pissed me off more than I could ever imagine..

Then he went on ranting about how talented he is and some shit that I couldn't bother remembering..

But the point is, he pissed me off hard..

My anger knew no limit..

He had a quirk that made him have minor adaptation to any of his oponent..

He have to withstand one quirk attack from his opponent first and he had to consider the person as an enemy for it to work..

Trash if I said so myself...What if the opponent kill you in the first strike...

Its has many bad qualities..

But it also made him seemingly be able to have different quirk...which must have gone into his head..

Having seemingly different quirks while the rest only one made him arrogant as hell..

Thinking himself above all else...I hate those kinds of people..(Author:*Cough* *cough* Hypocrite)

But in reality..his quirk is only able to give him a really minor powers...like it won't do anything to a person above average..

For example..If you have a strength quirk he would have minor physical resistance and minor mental attack..but the physical resistance can only act as such if the opponent are maybe 8 years old..

So if you are an adult now..his resistance is nothing..

Anyways I fought with this guy and as much as I hate to admit it..I had a tough time..

But that was until my quirk suddenly got an upgrade..

My flames got hotter..hot enough to turn rocks into lava..

My anger affect my powers...I felt how the power inside my soul became hotter and more powerful..

I felt how my wrath made my power scorching hot..


So I defeated him and almost burn him alive..

He was injured but I managed to control my upgraded power thanks to my control trainings...

Luckily or Unfortunately, he survived, and the upgrade was gone when I calmed down, making my power turn back to normal

The incident caused some issues but everything eventually calmed down..



After that I tried it again by making myself angry but I couldn't...

It needs real and raw emotion it seems...So there was nothing I could do about it...

But it made me excited for the future..

'Can other emotion also affect my power?'

'If so what about hate?'

'Or emotion like a strong desire to kill?'

I nearly went out in search trouble for fights to test it out or have different emotion that could affect me out but I held myself back..

I would have more trouble than I wanted when I entered to UA...so with great difficulty I held back...

Another reason to be a hero I guess..


(3rd POV)

[ 1 year 6 month later/8 years old]

"Kacchan.." A boy with messy green hair was breathing heavily..His legs going weak, he fell on the ground and stayed there with his head lowered..

"Do you really think that I would be able to do it?" The green haired boy, Midorya asked a boy few distance away from him..

"Huh!! You think I'm a liar!! Are you questioning my intelligence Izuku?!" A boy with sandy blond hair answerd him with high tone.

"No no no, not at all.." Midorya answered rapidly..then he relaxed his body and continued "Its just...it seemed to be a little too far fetched sometimes..my dreams"

Bakugo stayed quiet for a while before asking "This dream of yours..its really improtant for you right."

"Yeah." came an instant reply..

"Well....then its fine right, even if you don't accomplish it, right?" Bakugo asked, it was asking for confirmation rather than a question..

"Huh??" Izuku was confused..

"Well..it won't be a dream anymore if you accomplished it..you said that it was an important dream." he said seriously..

There was a moment of silence..A short eternity before Midorya teared up a little and yelled "KACCHAN!!"

Bakugo started laughing while Izuku pouted.

Wiping the tears in his eyes Bakugo then said "Don't worry about it....I know you can do it.."

He went deep in thought before saying"Deku...hmm that seems like a good name..It reminded me of the word dekeiru(you can do it in Japanese).."

"From today onwards I will call you Deku..to remind you that 'you can do it'.." Bakugo declared with a grin on his face..

Midorya stops..paused...then tears began falling again..tears of joy that seemed to sparkle down like diamonds..

His big and green eyes were clear and kind..

"KACCHAN!!" he called out..rushing in for a hug..

But his attempt for affection was met with a fist on his head..



(3rd POV)

[One year later/9 years old]

"I seriously do not understand.....we are seriously slowly breaking apart." Shinkoku seriously poured out his heart to the boy in front of him..

Yes, a boy..not 'little boy' anymore..

The boy was of course Bakugo, our main character..

He was attentive as the man who had trained him for years seriously poured his heart out..

"How do I tell her that I am serious about the serious relationship that we had..How do I let her know how much I love her? How do I fix this seriously big crack in our serious relationship?" Shinkoku was very serious as he asked the kid for advice..

Its not that he believed Bakugo to know more than he does about relationship..in fact he had already gone to different people for advice but none worked...u

So in desperation, he reached out to the boy he trained who seemed awfully mature for his age..

Not really hoping for a good advice but maybe he could offer a different perspective.

"Well..Are you sure its worth continuing the relationship?" Bakugo asked his serious trainer who seemed a little more serious than other days..

It was seriously unpleasant..

"I seriously do not understand? Why is this serious relationship between me and my girlfriend not worth continuing?" Shinkoku asked seriously..

"Well there was this saying that was really popular back in the days...Love is like a fart.." He trailed off slowly, and continued.."So if you have to force it..its probably shit. Not love" He finished with a sagely look..

There was a flash of understanding in Shinkoku's eyes and legend has it..that he dumped his girlfriend and found a new one.


(3rd POV)

[2 years later/11 years]

In a classroom, two boys can be seen. One was in front he has green hair and another was just behind who has sandy blond hair.

The blond haired boy was doing some math problems with anger almost literally carved out on his face.

The green haired boy seemed to be waiting for the other boy..

"Its really surprising that failed Kacchan.." Midorya voiced out his suprise but he got a loud reply laced with nothing but anger.

"Huh!? What do you mean broccoli head!!"

"I-I was jj-ust suprised you know that you are so bad at math??" Midorya voiced out weakly.

A pen flew with all the killing intent it could carry but Midorya barely dodged it.

"I AM NOT BAD AT MATH!!? I AM NOT BAD AT ANY SUBJECT!?? You hear me Deku!?" Bakugo yelled out..

"B-But yyou-" Midorya barley had enough courage to retort but Bakugo cut him off "If anything...I am just bad at Exams!!"

The truth is...Bakugo is not necessarily bad at Exams but he barely studied and focused more on training...But it seems that if he wanted to do well or pass, he would have to really study.


(3rd POV)

[1 year later/12 years old]

In a dinner table a family of three were eating dinner..The food theme today was spicy foods...Okonomiyaki with Wasabi..

Each member have a big plate each and the two adults were eating but the boy with sandy blond hair was not touching anything..

"Eat you food bakugo!!" The mother told Bakugo.."I will eat it when I want, damnit!!" Bakugo retort.

"Here you can have some of mine.." His father gave him some of his food..not wanting to hear the argument at least during dinner..

Seeing that he has the biggest share, Bakugo immediately began digging in.

Whenever they have his favorite dish, Bakugo have this weird tendency of not eating his food until he is sure that he has the biggest portion..

Its either you give him more portions or he waits for you till you eat some of yours, making him have the biggest portion of it.

"*Sigh* Why do you always do this anyway? I gave you the same portion as us and you never finished it anyways?" His mother asked, cooling down a bit.

And as she said, Bakugo always wanted to have more but he never finished it at the end..He was a 12 year old after all, adult portion of food was too much for him..

"Huh?" Bakugo made a confused noise and swallowed his food before replying"Don't know..I just like having more..more is better after all, right"


(3rd POV)

[Present day/13 years old]

"die Die DIE!!! germs Germs GERMS" Bakugo yelled while brushing his teeth..

Bakugo had a cavity which lead to the present situation where he tried killing every germs in his mouth..


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