129 Notice!

So, I've been thinking about this a lot, but I think I need to repair my plot holes a BIT and also some things that didn't make any fukin sense.

Today, I will post

Two 2k words Boruto chapters

At least one new MHA chapter

But my goal for today and probably the day after and so on is to fix some shit.

For example Jhin. That was a HUGE mistake I shouldn't have added to the story.

Idk what I was smoking at the time [I don't smoke though], Idk what I was thinking at the time but adding Jhin was completely random and it doesn't belong to MHA at all, so what I am going to do, is to switch him with Leo, the brother of Itsuka.

At first, I wanted to do this with Leo but then for some reason, I chose a random serial killer. Should have gone for Leo, honestly. The disciple of Stain that kills fake heroes. So that's what I am going to change.

Also, I will probably shorten the sludgenator fight and change it a bit, as I've done that like a year ago and I know it was shit lol.

Other than that, I will probably fix mistakes in other chapters as well but just minor things like grammar or a few sentence changes.

IN ANY CASE, NO ONE NEEDS TO REREAD THE STORY FROM THE BEGINNING, the only major change that will affect the story, will be the Jhin switching with the disciple of Stain, Leo.

In other words, Jhin won't exist, Melissa Shield and her father will live, as they don't fall into Leos and Stains kill list.

So those chapters will be DEFINITELY rewritten and changed depending on their personality so that would be at least 7 chapters rewritten and that might become a bit confusing for people who thought Jhin was coming or something but, it was changed into Leo.

So that's about it. I decided to do this myself as I've got a lot of collections on the story all of a sudden- like 1k in a week and I feel like if new people read the garbage beginning, they will quickly drop it.

Also, the chapters I was truly satisfied with, were only after chapter 98.

That's where I think I finally made a small breakthrough in writing.

Everything before chapter 98, I was dissatisfied with, so I will do a long re-run, to fix things.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, enjoy your holidays and I will get to it so that the new readers wouldn't be discouraged!