81 Chapter 81: Tears, Sweat, And a Whole Lot of Blood

"G… grandma?", Victoria could not help but stutter as she saw her grandmother suddenly stopping Van from going with them.

"It's fine", Charlotte nodded her head, "You can go ahead, I just have something to talk about with the little man"

"O… okay", seeing the look on her grandmother's eyes, Victoria could only nod her head.

Van could not help but watch nervously as the group left him all alone with Charlotte. Are they really leaving him alone with this eccentric old woman?

'What does she want?', he thought as he let out a tiny breath as he turned his head towards the finely muscular old woman. Numerous thoughts were racing in his mind.

Was she going to kill him now that he knew that secret of their family?

He just made the impossible happen, and death was his reward?

Will he even be able to escape?

Will Beatrice and Harvey be alright?

Is Andrea going to miss him once he is gone?


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