73 Chapter 73: To Victoria's!

"So, any ideas on how to make ourselves known to the whole school?"

Van was currently seated at a u-shaped table, there were four other students seated along with him, including Gemma. He quickly noticed the black-haired student seated at the middle of the table, she was one of the people that spoke during the entrance ceremony.

Van didn't really know what he should be doing here so he has been keeping his mouth shut. They really haven't told him what the purpose of the Student Council body is. He was briefed by Gemma on some of the things they have done, but from Van's perspective… they were just playing.

"Tch', a loud scoff then echoed throughout the small room, quickly disrupting Van's thoughts. Van had been trying to avoid his existence ever since he got here but… it was really hard when Gerald was doing nothing but stare at him the whole time while leaning on the wall.


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