128 Chapter 128: Bath

"Even if I do know a way for the boy to get out of the Pit, I still can't do it… Even for you, Charlotte. The boy's mother… you see, wants him to stay there."


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Charlotte let out a slight hum as she slowly sat down back to her seat. Since her granddaughter was interested in Van, she took it upon herself to research Van have some of her subordinates investigate him.

"What... kind of mother will do that to his own son?"


She saw how her daughter-in-law took care of Edward even though he didn't even look human. And not to boast or anything, but even she herself, Charlotte, could be considered a better mother.

Even though she wanted to hold her son so much, she wasn't able to do so because she was afraid that she would hurt him. But even then, she did everything so that her son would feel loved.

But Van's mother...

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