122 Chapter 122: The Square

Van and Gil were now in the comforts of Nisha's house in the Encampment. It would seem that her so-called housemate was still not here and was probably blacked out somewhere outside. Or maybe still partying, as he could still hear some people merrily drinking.

And for being so agitated and alarmed just an hour ago, Gil seemed to be sleeping well on the cold floor.

Van, on the other hand, was still wide awake sitting at the table. The thought of the souls, or lack thereof, from the Locals that were mushed earlier still lingered inside his mind. Could it be that the Locals do not have Souls?

That… is somewhat impossible. They were clearly still human no matter how you look at them.

Or maybe they are not? They were born inside the Portal, maybe the System is not considering them as beings with Souls?

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