6 Chapter 6: Suzuki Ren?!

Tenma POV

I noticed that sakura isn't cheerful

today. Though Yuuichi-san ask me to

look after her, as her friend I should

be the one to meet comfort her.

Tenma: Hey Sakura, anything wrong?

Sakura: Ie, nandemonai.

Tenma: Let's play soccer!

Sakura: Okay.

She looks happy again. Yokatta, I am

able to comfort her.

Sakura: Arigatou Tenma. Thank you

for cheering me up.

She passed the ball to me passed and I passed it back to her.

Tenma: It's nothing besides you are one of my bestfriends.

Sakura: Tenma...

She hugged me and I embraced her back.

Tenma: You should go back home.

Sakura: Yeah.

Tenma: Do you want me to accompany you?

Sakura: If it's okay with you then I'm really glad to.

Tenma: Yosh, ikuzo.

At Sakura's house

Sakura: Thank you for walking me home.

Tenma: No problem, see you tomorrow!

Sakura: Yeah.

Sakura POV

Tenma: See you tomorrow!

Sakura: Yeah.

I opened the door and surprisingly

a man was waiting for me.

???: Dear, you are flirting again with

another man.

Sakura: Suzuki Ren, how dare you! Don't involve Tenma here !

Ren: Oh, his name is Tenma? Do you

want him to suffer like Yu before?

Sakura: No!

Ren: Let's have a soccer match with Raimon.

Sakura: But I --

He disappeared before I could finish

my sentence. I bring out my phone and called Nii-chan.

Haru: Why do you called me in sudden?

Sakura: Nii-chan, Ren... is having a

soccer battle with Raimon.

Haru: What?!

Sakura: It's my fault, Nii-chan.

Haru: I'll talk to Tenma tommorow.

Next Day

Tenma POV

Haru: Tenma!

Tenma: Haru-san, why are you here?

Haru: Gather the team!

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Tenma: O..okay

I gather up the team and went back to


Shindou: Haru -san, what are you doing here?

Haru: Raimon's soccer team, Ren is

going here to have a soccer match with you.

Kusaka: Ren, do you mean Suzuki Ren?

Manabe: Suzuki Ren, the captain of Ares Dark Wolves?

Haru: It's him.

Minaho: Why do they want to have a soccer match with us?

Sakura suddenly appear

infront Of us.

Sakura: Because of me...

Haru: It is not because of you, it is

because of mother's decision.

Sakura: I'm the one to blame not


She run away from us with tears in her eyes.

Tenma: Sakura...

Tsurugi: I'll go, stay here Tenma.

Tenma: I'm counting on you, Tsurugi.

Tsurugi: Leave it to me.