5 Chapter 5: Her Plan

Sakura: I am your half sister, Tsurugi

or should I call you Kyousuke..

Tsurugi: Nani?! Nii-chan?

Yuuichi: She speaks the truth , Kyousuke. Her mother and our father have an affair before. You two aren't born yet. When her mother know that our father has a son from another woman,her mother left father...

Sakura: Kyousuke, do you believe me


Tsurugi: ...

Sakura: Yuu-nii, are you fine now?

can we play soccer again with


Tsurugi: He lost his ability to walk...

Yuuichi: Kyousuke, can you invite everyone here tommorow?

Tsurugi: Okay, Nii-san.

Yuuichi: How about you Sakura, I heard from Haru that you're attacked by an illness.

Sakura: Daijoubu desu Yuuichi-san.

I'll go to my room now, Tsurugi stay

here for now. Ja ne.

Yuuchi POV

Sakura: Tsurugi stay here for now. Ha me.

Just what are you planning Sakura?

Why do you have to lie?

Tsurugi: Nii-san , what are you thinking?

Yuuichi: I'm worried about Sakura...

Tsurugi: Is she really my half sister?

Yuuichi: I already told you that --

Tsurugi: I don't believe it.

Yuuichi: Kyousuke, look after Sakura.

Tsurugi: O..Okay.


Flashback : 1 month earlier

Sakura: Tsurugi Yuuichi, right?

Yuuichi: How do you know my name?

Sakura: Put that aside, I really need

your help. Kyousuke is in danger.

Yuuichi: What?! What happened?

Sakura: If I don't look after Kyousuke,

he will get by Suzuki Ren.

Yuuichi: What do you want?

Sakura: Pretend to be my half brother.

Yuuichi: Pretend?

Sakura: Don't worry.

Flashback Ends

Sakura, Protect Kyousuke..

Tsurugi POV

Sakura is my half sister? But why

does it feel wrong. I feel that she is not my sister. Sakura, you're not as simple as I think. What are you planning?

Next Day

Tsurugi : I have brought Tenma , Shindou, Shinsuke and others Nii-san.

Yuuchi : Tenma nice to see you again.

Tenma : Yuuichi-san..

Shindou: Why do you call us so suddenly Yuuichi-san?

Yuuichi: I'm telling you that you need

to look after my half sister.

Shindou: Half sister? I never heard you have a half sister.

Yuuichi: She is Nozaki Sakura.

Shindou: What?!

Tenma: S...Sakura? Why do you want us to look after her?

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Yuuichi: She... I don't know what is on

her mind but I know she will be in

danger anytime.

Shindou: I can't believe that Nozaki

Sakura is you and Tsurugi's half


Tsurugi: ...

What do Nii-san mean that Sakura

will be in danger?

Yuuichi: Look after her for me Tenma,

Shindou, Kyousuke.

Tenma: We'll do our best to look after

her, Yuuichi-san.

Sakura POV

If this plan doesn't work out,

It may cost Nii-chan and my life. Suzuki Ren, I won't allow

you to ruin my plan again. I won't

allow you anymore.

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