4 Chapter 4: Half Sister?

Sakura POV

Haru: For your sake, I will not allow you to play soccer anymore.

Tenma: You can't do that to her Haru-san!

Haru: Yes I can.

Sakura: Sore wa okotte imasen! I won't allow it like before!

Aoi: Sakura..

Sakura: It is up to my decision.

Haru: It is for your own good.

For my own good? Is that true? Or my mom just asked Nii-chan to get me back ?

Sakura: Let's make a deal Nii-san.

When my illness occured again, I will

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to back home.

Haru: Okay. Remember what you said.

I'll leave. Tenma, take care of her.

Tenma: Yes, Haru-san.

My brother leave me at the hospital.

Tenma and others are worried at me.

Konoha: Its that really true, Sakura?

Sakura: Perhaps, then I'll try not to

develop new hissatsu technique.

Tenma: Sakura...

Sakura: Don't worry captain, I'll work

hard no matter what!

Tsurugi POV

Tsurugi: Your brother is right Nozaki,

Next time just watch us.

Sakura: I.. I'll try Tsurugi, but don't

hesitate call me when you need me.

Shindou: Yeah.

She smiles so bright. I have underestimated her. This girl...

Tenma: Oh by the way, the doctor said

that stay here for the time being.

We can't just leave Sakura here


Shindou: Sore wa hontodesu. Tenma are you free today?

Tenma: Well... Aki-nee told me that

I will accompany her later.

Shindou: How about you, Morimura Kusaka,Manabe, Minaho?

Morimura: I am not free today.

Kusaka: I am also not free today.

Minaho: Gomen, I'm busy.

Manabe: Me too.

Shindou: Ibuki, Matatagi Tetsukado ?

Ibuki: I'm going to practice today.

Matatagi: I'm going to take are of Yuuta and Shun.

Tetsukado: Umm...

Everyone is busy? Then I only can

look after her?

Tsurugi: I don't mind looking after

her besides Nii-san is here too.

Tenma: Yuuichi-san ?

Shindou: Then, look after her for the

time being.

Tsurugi: Okay.

Tenma: We'll go now.

Sakura: Take care.

Sakura POV

Is it really true, Tsurugi will look after me?

Tsurugi: Do you want to come with me, Nozaki-san?

Sakura: Just call me Sakura, Tsurugi

and are you going to visit your brother, then I'll go with you.

Tsurugi: Okay, let's go sakura.

Tsurugi POV

Sakura: Are you going to visit your

brother, then I'll go with you...

We go to Nii-san's room and he's awake.

Tsurugi: Nii-san..

Yuuchi: Kyousuke, I didn't know you

will come and visit me with....

Tsurugi: Ah, this is Noza--

Yuuchi : Nozaki Sakura. Nice to see

you again.

Sakura: I am also glad to see you

again, Yuuichi-san.

Tsurugi: What is going on here? Why

do you know each other?

Yuuchi : Well... She ...

Sakura: I'll handle this Yuuichi-nii. Ahm, I am your half sister, Tsurugi or should I call you Kyousuke.

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