3 Chapter 3: Truth About Her

??? : Sakura what happened?! Sakura

wake up !!!

Tenma Haru -san! She... her illness ...

Haru: Her illness? What did you do

Tenma, I entrust her to you!

At hospital

Sakura POV

I woke up in hospital and everyone

is beside me including Tsurugi and.... Nii-chan?!

Haru: Sakura, I'm glad you're awake


Sakura: Nii-chan? What are you doing


Haru: I'm here to visit you. Does your

illness attacked again?

Shindou: May I ask what illness does

Sakura have ?

Haru: She have a hissatsu illness.

Aoi: Hissatsu illness ?

Haru: She can't develop any hissatsu

technique or she will lost or her conciousness, will feel so weak, develop a fever and the worst, she may spit many blood. It's

my fault that I leave her alone.....

Sakura: Nii-chan, It's not your fault

and I'm already fine.

Tenma: No, you're not.

Sakura: Tenma...

Tenma POV

Sakura: Nii-chan, It's not your fault

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and I'm already fine.

Tenma: No, you're not.

Sakura : Tenma...

Tenma: It's my fault that I force you

to come play with us.

Sakura: It's not your mistake. I don't blame you for what happened before.

Flashback: 3 years ago

I am playing soccer with Shinsuke

and Shindou when I met Sakura. She

is crying so I tried to cheer her up.

Tenma: Hello, don't you want join us ?

Sakura: Join? In what?

Tenma: Let's play soccer!

Sakura: Is it fun to play?

Tenma: Of course , you will love it.

Sakura: Okay.

When we are playing soccer, she looks amazing. I used a hissatsu technique to shoot the ball and she was amazed by it.

Sakura: Sugoi, what is your name?

Tenma: My name is Tenma, Matsukaze Tenma.

Sakura: I'm Nozaki Sakura. Nice

meeting you.

Tenma: I'm glad meeting you too.

Sakura: You two are?

Shindou: Shindou Takuto and he is Nishizono Shinsuke

Sakura: Nice to meet you. Tenma,

what do you call that technique you

just use earlier?

Tenma: It is a hissatsu technique.

Sakura: Why do you have a hissatsu

technique? Why I can't release mine?

Tenma: You need to practice to

get a hissatsu technique.

If I hadn't told her...

Sakura: I can't lose to you! I want

a hissatsu technique too!

Butterfly shot!

She made a goal but she spit blood after that.

End of Flashback

Tenma: I'm sorry Sakura.

Sakura: No worries, my illness just

attacks when I develop new hissatsu


Aoi : Then just now...

Sakura: Yes, I develop new hissatsu


Sakura POV

Sakura: Tenma , is it Amazing ?

Tenma: ...

Haru: For your sake, I will not

allow you to play soccer anymore.

Sakura: No, Nii-chan!

Tenma: you can't do that to her, Haru-san.

Haru: Yes I can.

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