2 Chapter 2: The Uncommon Illness

Sakura POV

Sakura: Konnichiwa, my name is Nozaki Sakura. I'm pleased to meet you.

I was observing the place when

suddenly I saw the boy I bumped into

earlier. He looks cold towards me. Does he hate me because I bumped into him?

Yuji-sensei: Sakura-san , please seat

beside Tenma.

Sakura: Hai.

I seat beside Tenma and Aoi. The boy

earlier seems cold for me what is his name?

Sakura: Aoi, who is he?

I pointed my finger towards to the boy earlier.

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Aoi: He's name is Tsurugi Kyousuke.

Shindou and Tenma are his bestfriends. Why did you ask?

Sakura: N... Nothing...

Aoi: Are you interested in him Sakura?

Sakura: H... Ha?

I blushed when Aoi asked me that

question. Wait, why am I blushing ?

Do I really like him? What am I


Tenma : It seems that you like him, am I right Aoi?

Sakura: S.. stop teasing me!

Tsurugi POV

I noticed that sakura was looking at

me. Does she remember me?

Shindou: Looks like you're interested in Sakura and she's interested in you too.

Tsurugi: Sodesu ka?

After Class

Tsurugi: Tenma, Shindou, Let's play soccer .

Tenma: Let's go Shindou. Are you coming with us Sakura, Aoi?

Aoi: I am going, how about you Sakura?

Sakura: Uh... I...

Why, she is she uncomfortable with me? Perhaps so.

Tsurugi: If you want, you can just

watch us.

Sakura: No... I... I want to play

soccer with everyone.

Tenma : Yatta! Let's play soccer, Minna.

Sakura seems like she was nervous.

"Tsurugi" I heard Shindou called me

and passed the ball to me. I looked

at Sakura and she saw me looking

at her. "Sakura" I said and passed

to her the ball. She avoided Kusaka, Tetsukado, and Minaho very easily and made a goal. I didn't expect that she was this amazing.

Tenma: Sugoi, Sakura! You improved a lot!

Sakura: Honto? Thank you Tenma.

Sakura POV

Tenma: Sugoi Sakura! You improved a lot.

Sakura: Honto ? Thank you, Tenma.

I smiled to him. I wonder if Tsurugi is amazed too.

Sakura: M... My b..body ...

Why does I suddenly felt dizzy?

Is there something wrong with me?

No One POV

Sakura suddenly lost her consciousness and everyone got worried of her.

Tenma: Sakura, what happened?!

Aoi: Sakura? Sakura?!

Shindou: Tenma, call her relatives.

Tenma: We can't call her parents.

Aoi: Why?

Tenma : When she is going to transfer

here, her parents refused and she

escape her home.

Tsurugi: Let's bring her to hospital.

???: Sakura, what happened?! Sakura

wake up!!!

Tenma: Haru-san! She ... her illness ...

Haru: Her illness? What did you do

Tenma, I entrust her to you!

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