1 Chapter 1: Meeting the Tsundere

Sakura POV

A new year comes again and now

I am finally a highschool student. I

enrolled in Raimon high school because my friend, Tenma suggested me to study here.

* Alarm Rings *

Sakura: What time is it?! It's to early!

I looked at my alarm I was surpried that it is clock and already 7:30 am

Sakura: Gosh, I'm gonna be late !

I hurry because I'm going to be late

on my first day. What can my classmates say to me? Late on first day of school? Because I was so anxious to be late, I didn't saw that another person is on my front and I bump to him.

Sakura: Gomen, gomen. I was

on hurry. Daijoubu desu ka?

Tsurugi POV

I was on hurry because I'm gonna be late and suddenly I bumped into a person.

???: Gomen, gomen. Daijoubou desu ka? I was on hurry.

I looked in her and ... and she

was looking very worried about me

She is so cute and my heart seems

to skipped a beat. Was it they called

love at first sight?

Tsurugi: Daijoubu. How about you, are you okay? Sumanai

??? : Yokatta, I'am relieved . Gomennasai, hontoni gomen. Anh, I'm going to be late !!! Hontoni gomennasai..

Tsurugi: Wait.. I ...

She already left when I was

going to ask her name. Oh! I'm late!

Sakura POV

Oh no! I couldn't even know where my classroom is. Wait, I see a similar face. I... I knew it was Tenma.

Sakura: Tenma?

Tenma: S..Sakura, is it really you?

Sakura: I knew you were Tenma!

By the way do you know where is my classroom?

Tenma: Oh, you're on my class together with Shinsuke, Kusaka, Aoi, Konoha and others.

Sakura: I am glad to be your classmate.

Tenna: Me too.

Tsurugi POV

Luckily, I made it up on time.

come to think of her, I wonder who

she is, will we meet again?

Shindou: Hey Tsurugi, what are you


Tsurugi: Nothing really.

Shindou: Are you sure? Oh by the way, Tenma said that his friend is going to transfer here...

Tsurugi: Tenma's Friend?

Shindou : Yeah and I heard that her

name is Nozaki Sakura.

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Nozaki Sakura? What if she is the

girl I bumped in earlier. What if

she is the girl that caught my

fancy? And what if she is not her?

Yuji-sensei: Minna, take your seats. Let me introduce to you our new

Nozaki Sakura.

My heart skipped a beat. I looked

at her and ... She was her, the girl

I bumped into, the girl who caught my


Sakura: Konnichiwa, My name is

Sakura. I'm pleased to meet you.

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