6 Chapter 5

"I'm home!" Ari and I are here!

"Welcome back, young master." said our long time butler, Norvyn Price, Ari's father.

"Is papa still not home yet?"

"No, young master. Sir has an important meeting and says that he will come home late and the young master to eat first and not to wait for him."

Sigh. He is always late. I wonder when is the last time that we got to eat together? I can't remember, it's so long ago. How about my stories? When can I tell my stories?

"Oh, I'm just gonna eat after I change my clothes." I said, walking up the stairs.

My room is on the right side of the second floor. Next to it is my game room where, obviously, I play games.

I opened the door and walked straight to the bed. So tired.

So many things happened this day. First, I went to school. Second, I made new friends and third, which is probably my least favorite event today, Calvin being beaten by some guys.

Poor Calvin, didn't even have a chance to fight back because he's outnumbered.

While I'm mulling over what happened today, there's someone knocking on the door.

"Young master." It's Adrian.

"Are you finished changing because the food will be cold?" Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that. My clothes haven't even changed yet, ayyy.

"I'll be finished in a minute!" I stand up and head to my closet.


"Ooohh yumyum!" This fried chicken is good!

Ari chuckles. "You still eat like a child."

"Well, I am a child, a teen. That's why there's a teen in eighteen."

"Okay now don't be cheeky and eat your food."

"Well, I'm eating. Oh Norvyn! Do you know what happened today? I'm gonna tell you what happened then just tell papa okay?" Norvyn will be my messenger between me and papa.

"Please do tell young master." Norvyn smiles and sits next to me. Heh, he should because this will be a long story.

After dinner and my storytelling, I wash myself then sleep. I need to be early because tomorrow is the REAL start of discussion and lessons.


Making my way towards the classroom, I saw Kristine talking to a guy.


She glanced at me.

"Oh, hey Cooper! Let's talk later, okay? Bye!" She said to the guy, then waves at him.

"So what happened to Calvin? Calvin, right? The hot guy? Is he still handsome after all that beating?" She asks.

"Wait, how do you know?" Only me, Ari, Ms. H, and some guards knew about it.

"Boy, there's a saying that 'earth has ears, news has wings and I have connections' so any news and gossip that is inside our school, I'll know." she stated like it's a matter of fact.

"Oh? Hmmm, I don't know. The last time I saw him was yesterday. Maybe we can see him today in our room."

"Speaking of room, we should go or we will be late and why is Adrian always with you? He's like your tail or something."

Adrian butts in. "It's because we're living in the same house and no, it's not what you're thinking. We live in the same house because he's my employer."

"I'm not thinking anything!"

Adrian just raised his right eyebrow.

"O-okay! Maybe I'm thinking... stuff, but you can't blame me! You're handsome and Cooper is sooo cute so... yeah." Kristine's voice weakens as she finishes talking.

She cleared her throat. "Well anyway, let's just go 'cos we will be late if we just talk about it."


I sit on the chair and look around if Calvin is here.

Nope. He's not here. Hmmm, maybe he's just late, just like the last time.

"Good morning class!" Oh. Ms. H is here. I didn't notice here because I'm spacing out... again.

"Let's start our class, shall we?" Ms. H smiled.

Almost all the students here in the room groan. I almost forgot, our first class is math.


"Really?! Math?! Ugh! What's next, history?!" Kristine grumbled as she complained about... our subject. We are in the cafeteria just sitting and talking. We have ten minutes before the next class, so we decided to just go here.

"Uhh actually, yes." I answered. Calvin didn't make it. Well, he's hurt after all. I understand if he can't go to school today.

She glared at me. "Why did you answer it? I don't wanna know that it's true!"

"You asked and I answered, simple."

"Ugh, I don't like you being sassy with me."

"Calvin is absent." I stated.

"Yeah, I noticed. Who can go to class with a bruised face duh."

Is he okay? I hope he's okay.

"Speaking of the devil, That's Calvin right?" Kristine said, pointing her index finger behind me.

I looked at what she was pointing at. Yup, it's Calvin. He's leaning on a tree outside the cafeteria with earphones in his ear, totally oblivious to his surroundings. His hoodie covered up part of his face, but I can still recognize him.

I stand up, picking my bag, and walk toward the door. Ari stands up too.

"Hey! Where are you two going?" Kristine asked.

"To Calvin. We should say hello to him and ask if he's okay."

"Isn't that a bit... We're just like an acquaintance to him. If we do that, maybe he'll think that we're close and interfering in his life!"

"One question: Why are you always screaming?" said Adrian. Obviously irritated by Kristine's loud voice. Ari is a silent man. He Probably couldn't take it if he spoke like that.

Kristine gasps. "How dare you to say that my voice is loud!"

"See? You did it again. "

"No, I didn't! You just have a sensitive ear that's why!"

Sigh. Why are they fighting because of that? Ayyy.

I glanced towards Calvin. Oh no! He's leaving! I never got the chance to ask him. I look at Ari and Riri. They'll be fine without me for a second.

I tried to make my steps be quiet so that they can't hear me leaving. I peek at them for a second, then I open the door.

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