My Heart Beats For You |bxb|
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My Heart Beats For You |bxb|


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What is My Heart Beats For You |bxb|

My Heart Beats For You |bxb| is a popular web novel written by the author Ysabel_xox, covering BL, YAOI, BXB, GAY, BOYXBOY, LGBT, ROMANCE, FLUFF, HAPPY ENDING, ILLNESS, LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 151.3K readers with an average rating of 4.71/5 and 56 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 43 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Cooper never had a normal life. He always needed more attention than normal people. Making a deal with his father was the best thing Cooper did. He went to new locations; he experienced new things, he even made new friends! Though there was one exception: his classmate Calvin. Calvin was a mystery to him. He’s always alone with his headphones and always has a knack at annoying him. With things that always come to brew trouble, they begin to realise that maybe the other is not so annoying after all.... And maybe they need each other! Watch as their hearts beat into one rhythm. Cooper: Just you wait, I will make you my friend! MUWAHAHAHA! Calvin: Yeah sure, do that. Cooper: Y- Why do I feel insulted? Calvin: ‘Cos that’s my intention Cooper: QAQ

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The story is good! I’m not much into BxB or Yaoi but daaannnggg! I love thiiiss! But I hope you make more long updates, I read this so fast loool! I was like “wait, I’m done already?”


The plot is really refreshing and interesting. It's quite a cute love story of a sweet boy. Compliments to the real life situations alot. Keep up with your good work! Looking forward to how the story develops👍


First of all, we have an amazing set of characters. Cooper seems to be the innocent and oblivious one. Adrian is the mature one in the group. Kristine is the best girl for being a simp. And Calvin. There's an air of mystery I like about him. Its a fun, light read. Away from the high fiction of this platform. Though the writing have several grammatical errors here and there, they can be easily corrected. Ganbari, author!


Gonna be shameless and rate my story all 5 lol. We're 10 chapters already (wow)! I will promise to improve more and make my chapters longer (hopefully). Thanks for reading and enjoying my stories! ❤


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Very good topic of this novel. I found it very very interesting. 😁😁Do regular updates dear author. Gonna read it till end. Please make it sure to update more chapters on regular basis 😊😉.Keep it up📖📖💝💝


I wont add a lot of details about the story but so far I like adrians character. Characters are well developed, story was pretty casual but interesting and the flow is pretty smooth. The only problem I saw was some typo ( which is normal because we are just writers and sometimes we experience to have fat fingers when typing for some reason specially when you are using a phone ) and also some terms like You, at first I thought it was You (Yu), but after a few times I saw it, I realize that it was you (yuh) for young. Thats all


Fantastic storyline , I especially like the different pov's , the characters are loveable, bubbly and definate.! Looking forward to more chapters!! Its a fabulous piece of work..


I am in love with your surreal plot characterization and how impressive your work is. I enjoyed reading the story. Please keep writing! More Chapters Please! I want more!


The chapters are short so it's a quick read. You can binge read them easily and have fun. Your plot is really good. But there are a lot of grammatical errors and you have written the story in both present as well as past tense. You should edit the chapters and stick to one tense. The errors don't stop the reader from going to the next chapter though :) You've done a great job considering English isn't your first language. Keep writing !


This book is amazing! The prologue made me want to read more immediately ! I love how you write each chapter! As well as the characters! Keep it up!💕✨


Interesting. So far I have only read a few chapters and this is also my first time reading 'Yaoi' but what should I say? I am hooked. Characters are good. The setting is also cool. Great work, highly recommended


A very interesting plot with interesting characters. I like how well the story is developing and the frequent updates. All in all a good story. Please keep up the good work Author-san. Thumbs up


Hmm, this story about bxb theme. I not kinda well into bxb because i'm into gxg. But i want to know about bxb story. Nice writing, Good metaphors, You need to stability your updates.


Hi there! A really light and fun story to read. I liked how real-life situations are described, it feels genuine. And omg MC and Calvin, hehe so cute


The story has an interesting plot and good flow. It is casual and gives you the vibes the characters have. It has some grammatical errors, but overall, it's a good novel.


Though there are grammar and spelling errors, this story is an interesting take. Still early to know more about the world, but the characters are interesting enough to keep your interest. Recommended to anyone interested in Slice of life romance! Kudos to the author!!


I really liked your description and synopsis, it's quite good. The characters are also good especially Adriana. Keep writing and I hope you will update soon


I love the concept of this story. It is just so refreshing. Thank you author for this amazing work. This book is so freaking amazing. Keep up the amazing work.


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