1 The letter for the future

To my dear sister,

I am writing this to you while I still can. Before anything else, I must say that I am sorry. So very sorry for what I did to you. To everyone. It was inexcusable and you must hate me for what I did. Catherine, I am sure you have heard the things that they are saying about me.

Some have called me a Hero of justice.

While other say I'm a monster.

But there wrong. All that I am. All that I ever was a fool with too much pride. But worse than that I have fallen. And I did not realise how far I had strayed for the man I used to be until it was too late. And all that I ask is for you to hear my blight and to judge me accordingly.

But you must understand the things that I have done, had to be done for the greater good. I know that does not make what I did right but you must know it was for the greater good. Make no mistake: I am not here to make excuses for myself, nor to justify my self.

No, I am here to tell my side of the story and all that I ask is that you please listen to what I have to say. And you're still reading this then you want to hear it.


Inside the Package that came alongside this letter is a old beating up journal and an envelope containing a second letter. Now, listen carefully. Ignore the envelope as it is intended to be and must be read last.

If you have complied with my wishes, you will now move on to the Journal. You may be asking yourself what is in it. What so important about it.

Well, contained within the journal is my side of the story. The good, the bad and the ugly. And above all else, the truth. Hopefully, you will read it and understand why I did this, why it had to happen and I hope that after you read it you'll know why I have to win.

So, I urge you big sister. Please stop open your heart and let me make this world right...

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