5 Day 1; part 2: every great man has a great Nemesis

My uncle once said, "that every man has a great Nemesis." And looking back over the course of my life, I have to say he wasn't wrong.

"Wind arts, Thunder style, Level 4: Thunder-Shot!"

It was happening so fast. I couldn't think, I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything but stand as the world I once know crumbled apart and came for my head.


On instinct, I comply with the otherworldly presents and dove out of the way. The ball whizzed past me, missing me by a hair and making connections with the building behind me causing it to explode, sending a shockwave that sent me tumbling to the dirt ground, unharmed but only by the skin of my teeth.

What..the..? I thought pick myself up, I see that the building behind me is now in ruins, a couple of windows blown out and you could still see the blackened walls and burned out interiors from where I was standing.

"That was a warning shot," she said, I turned back around only to find Dianna stand mere inches away, in a quite ゴゴ Menacingly ゴゴ Fashion, her face now morphed into one hell of a grimace.

Gone was the noble knight princess, and in her place was a berserker driven by righteous fury.

"I promise you! The next one would miss!" Dianna yelled, fired out shots again and again without wasting a single moment on pathetic concepts like mercy or self-control. I, fuelled by raw self-preservation instincts and years of experience at dodging balls, managed to dodge more and more shot in rapid succession.

All the while begging for her to stop.

"I am so sorry!" I roared as sharp black rock rained down from the sky like a hailstorm, causing massive amounts of property damage wherever they collided into buildings and streets.

"Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap," From that point on was a constant salvo of bolts with me alternatively sprinting for my life and use anything I could find as a shield. "Calm down! For god's sake, calm down! Mercy! Uncle! Just don't shoot!"

"Ok, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to insult you," I pleaded. "You know, that are lots of people out there who would like- "

"-Oh, you're a dead man! "She threatened, chucking another bolt at me as she continued to chase me down the street with the single-minded bloodlust of a rabid dog if you gave that rabid dog a machine gun.

We were now scrambling down the road like wild animals.

This continued on for a good minute, she fired bolt after bolt at her while I continue to dodge every single one of them. it's a miracle, to say the least, but more likely it was because she was so blinded by her uncontrollable rage that she couldn't shoot accurately. But I had a good head start down an alleyway, so I seized the opportunity to block it with a large dumpster and quickly shoved it in the direction she was coming from. I could hear the crash of garbage being knocked over as she stumbled into it and fell down as I quickly ran out of the alleyway.

"Yes!" I hopped up and down in excited relief after seeing how strong my impromptu blockade was. It should force her to find another route and buy me a few precious seconds. With any luck, I could lose her in the meantime.

Thrilled at my apparent escape, I almost didn't notice the cracking noises coming from my dumpster.

"Huh?" was all I could manage before Dianna Kool-Aid-man her way through it, I hear her cursing me under her breath as she rants and raves in rage.

"There you are…" She said, snarled at me the way Stalin did to those people he sent to the gulag. God, that voice had no business coming from something that wasn't a vengeful Fury.

I'm doomed," I squeaked. But even so, I stood strong. And at this point, I don't know why, but I felt that I could bluff my way out of this since I could bluff my way out of anything. Plus, this full helmet blocked my face, so she couldn't tell if I was lying or not.

Besides, if she thinks I'm some evil dark sorcerer, so why not give her what she wants?

Deciding my course of action, I cleared my throat and began to speak in the evilest voice I could muster. "Poor, foolish, little girl... Do you think it is I who is in any danger? Such utter naïveté...you truly are an idiot!" Dianna certainly thought it was good enough as she was taken aback by this for a second. However, her face soon turned to one of great determination. "So, you finally show your true colours, who do think you are? Do you think you can just insult me and get away with it? Just who are you? Answer me, now!" Dianna demanded, and I laughed menacingly in response.

"Who am I? What an excellent question! I am but a travelled, one who have seen many worlds and cut down peasants more powerful and skilled than you, worm. As for my name, I go by many names but you may call me... Abaddon. Abaddon Drykwind the great Destroyer." I responded, coining the name and titles off the top of my head. It sounded menacing enough, might as well roll with it, right?

"Well, Abaddon Drykwind."Love the ring to that, "this world be your last! I'm going to beat you back to wherever you came from!" Dianna shouted, her sword lighting up again. At that point, I figured it was time to put up or shut up... forever. Thinking fast, I suddenly remembered. Searching my pockets, I found just what I was looking for!

"Any last words, demon!?" Dianna asked/yelled, charged forward electricity arcing off of the blade ready to annihilate me.

"Just two," I said swept my hands out of my pockets before twirling out of the way of the attack and tossing the contents of said pocket towards Dianna's eyes and I shouted at the top of my lungs:

"Pocket Sand!"

"Wh-" was Dianna was able to say before contents of my pockets stack struck home. Dianna let out a scream of pain felling to the ground, eyes tear up due to the sand and began using her hands to her eyes to remove the sand from them.

So, this as the big opportunity I made my escape. Running as far as fast as I could, dodging and ploughing through anything that got in my way in a desperate attempt at losing the princess who was now out for my blood.

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. My mind was in complete disarray. Reality had finally caught up with me and I was trying not to lose my shit (and failing to do so). Nothing was making sense. This is real, this is... Real. I needed to get away from them. But how? As I ran past what appeared to be a shop or something before ducking into an alley ahead, collapsed on the cool, damp earth once I was inside. It was a good place to hide and rest for the moment. Apart from me just wanted to lie down there for the rest of my life, but I knew doing so would just put me in danger. Sluggishly crawled up to a metallic trash can near me and rested with my back against the alley wall. I closed my eyes and tried to think.


Oh no! I turned the corner just in time to avoid a devastating blast. Followed by a horrible, primal roar signified that is game of chase had transitioned to a brutal game of hiding and seek.

"AABBBAADDON! Where are you! Come face me!!" Followed by another explosion and I just but couldn't resist the urge to poke my head out and watch. And sure, enough there she was standing just outside the alley with an absolutely livid expression and blood-red eyes. Luckily, she was unable to see me as I hid behind the metal trash can, which is good as she looks like she's ready to nuke my ass. "Come on out! And fright my you coward!"

Suddenly, if my eyes don't deceive me, a short Asian looking man drops out of the sky and does a superhero landing right next to were Dianna standing. He was dressed differently from Dianna, wearing two light leather armour feathered pauldrons, dark teal gauntlets with malachite stones on the back of the hand, and long, similarly, coloured boots.

Though the most obvious trait is his hair was the fact that it was a teal and had one long bang that was covering his left eye, his one visible sky blue eye, frantically searching for area impatiently.

"Not now Sky, where is the other?"

A voice called out and almost as if on cue, several figures came into view. With various sizes and build, but they're all dressed in the same armour that Dianna was wearing. I'll be at their pauldrons, gauntlets and boots Lack the intricate design the Dianas armour has and they also wear helmets, which resemble armet is a type of helmet used in the 15th century and the first helmet of its era to completely enclose the head while being compact and light enough to move with the wearer.

This must be the Military force in the country? I thought sitting inside a nearby pile of damp boxes, eagerly listening to the conversation.

"We have gotten here sooner, had Skye not abandoned us." The apparent leader of the group said, taking off his helmet to reveal that he was a handsome young man who appears to be in his early to mid-twenties with a pair of sunset orange eyes and short fiery red hair, that rest on top of a heart-shaped head.

"Well, red if you guys weren't going so slow maybe I wouldn't have ditched you?" The teal hair man, whose name was Skye responded said to the red hair man, his voice carrying an air of arrogance and pride. The red hair man ignores the comment and instead went to the princess side, his voice and face filled with concern.

"Princess what going! And what happened to your eyes?"

"That doesn't matter, right now Jasper. What is that we find him before he gets away!"

Red hair man, whose name was Jasper, began to scan the vicinity. "Are you sure my princess that it

went this way? Because I don't see it anywhere."

"Yes, I'm sure Jasper!" the princess assured. She suddenly cringed and massaged her eyes with a hand. "Well, mostly sure," she corrected rubbing her eyes. "I was flying blind for a few seconds, and then it just vanished."

"HEY, RED DON'T IGNORE ME!" Skye said in a high-pitched irritating voice. Causing the red hair man to look over at his men."Did anyone else just heard a bird?"

"YOU SON OF!!" Was all I could make out before Skye tackled Jasper to the ground and began fighting one another, insulting each other with each blow.

"Get off of you skinny little chicken!"

"Acknowledge me, you fire head!"

"Off now, bird brain?!"

"Tree burner."


"Secondborn cunt!"

"Half-elf Bastard!"

"ENOUGH!" Dianna yelled, gabbing the back of their heads and bashing them into one another. "We have more important things to do than argue like a bunch of children! We need to find him before it too late!"

"Well, it couldn't have gotten too far," Sky pointed out, rubbering the back of his head and ignoring the glare the taller man was giving. "That thing Isn't exactly hard to spot, I've never seen anything like that before. What was it?"

"It not it, Skye. It a he and his name are Abaddon," Dianna said putting so much venom in her words particularly my name. "And apparently, he's some dark wizard. I don't know why he heard but we need to find him and contain him before he causes any more damage; every second we waste standing here is another second that monster is on the loose, "I shifted uncomfortably at their conversation. They way they're talking about me it almost seems like I am an animal to them and the thought of being captured by them didn't settle well with me. I mean if this really is another world and what she said back there about her being a princess was real then…I really needed to get out of here. FAST. But I wasn't about to go anywhere until they left; the last thing I wanted was to attract any unwanted attention while they were still close.

"Well, I for one agree with the princess assessment," Jasper chimed in Getting up off the ground. "We simply cannot let it escape. If we split up, we should be able to cover more ground."

"Split up?!" A Voice was much younger than any of the other, causing me to peck my head out a little more. Sure enough, there was a young preteen boy standing there, dressed in the same outfit as the others. He looked around the ten to twelve if I had to hazard a guess said, and skinny build one at that he didn't look at he could carry, let alone wheeled the sword that was resting on his back.

."Are you nuts? We can't split up. That's exactly what the monster wants! Everyone knows that."The kid cried his voice was rising with panic. Dianna let out a sighed. "Look, Orion if it'll make you two feels better, can stay with Tadita and Alba. Everyone else forms into groups of three and In scour this village top to bottom, leave no trace unturned. Will find him, even if we have to tear this place down me." After exchanging a few farewells and good lucks, the groups split off in opposite directions. By this point, I was becoming a little antsy and hesitantly emerged from my hiding place. There may have not been anyone insight, but I still had to worry if someone more to come along it spots me. I have to make my next moves carefully or I could kiss my life goodbye. I need to be very careful and manoeuvre around Dianna and her cronies.

But what next.

I mean, I'm going up against a princess and probably the rest of the country as well, which I know nothing about. I can't survive that without at least a weapon.

A weapon. Yes, that I good start. I need a weapon, something to protect myself now or my ass is as good as fried. But the only way I can reasonably obtain one is if I'm somehow able to snag one off one of those armour guys, which isn't going to be easy.

Then an epiphany hit me. That kid had a sword and it wouldn't difficult to take it. All, I need to do get him alone, knock him out and take the weapon. I mean it's not a very well thought out plan by it's a start at least. And it was the only one I can reasonably do to take one for would by the kid, I know without it, I'm as good as dead. So, like it or had not I had to get it.

And so, swallowing my fear and began to followed, sticking to the shadows of the buildings as I stalked them closely, trying to remain as quiet.

Just grab the sword and run, I thought out loud. Simple as that. Gathering as much nerve as I had, I took off in the direction they departed. Eventually, they came into view; two women and of course my target, a young boy. They were walking close to each other, deep in conversation.

"I don't understand stand why the princess asked us to investigate this town!" The first voice said irritation evident."I mean what am are doing here there is nothing here!" She was a young woman in her early adulthood endowed with a curvaceous body, who had her helmets visors up allowing me to see her round caramel-coloured face which contains a set of long lashes, arched brows, plump lips, small chins, a cute little nose and a set of dark brown eyes that matches her long raven black hair, which was peeking through her helmet.

"The place is abandoned, there is no one here!"

"The princess said that he's still here," The second girl Explained to her dark skin partner, "and If that is what the princess would, then that is what we shall do Tadita."

"I guess you're right, Alba." Tadita, the dark skin women said to Alba, a short young girl with slender and small limbs, quite akin to that of a doll. In fact, her entire facade can be said to be similar to that of a doll's. With smooth white that it appears almost like she's made of the finest of porcelain, almost paler than the full moon as that was shining down in the black of the night sky. Her face was one of a child's complete with a small and almost heart-shaped face, large blue eyes that were filled with calmness, pink lips that curved slightly upwards at the corners, a small nose that was barely there and a little chin. Her hair was of the same colour as her eyes, which she wore in a high ponytail, with two long white ribbons tied into a bow at the back.

Unlike the other, she wears a short white dress with black trimmings and a black belt around her waist, long black and white socks that almost go all the way up her legs, black coloured boots, as well as long gloves. Around her neck, wrists, and ankles are shackled with broken chains on them, each being a different length, and uses them for combat. Atop her head is a giant, floppy white witches hat, that had black stripes running vertically down the middle.

"But, my question what was it doing? Why is it here?"The kid asks, Inserting himself into the conversation. "And what do you think it was going to do?"

"I don't know and don't care," Ansel said dryly.

"Um, yeah. Me, too." The kid cast a glance in the other direction. I could see a sliver of his white cornea before snapped his head back to Tadita. "But I can't help it. What if it was trying to steal her, or hurt her, or… or…" Orion let out a gasp. "What if it was going to eat her?!"

"Orion, please. I'm quite sure it wasn't going to eat her. I don't even think it could have if it wanted to."

"I guess."

This couldn't be more perfect. The kid was lagging behind her just enough that she would be able to see me, giving me a perfect opportunity to take my prize. A small to show on my lips. This couldn't have gone better; I was going to make out with sword in hand and no one was going to get hurt.

"But earlier you said that you couldn't see its face. So, what if it doesn't even have a face all underneath that mask just an inky pool of darkness filled with loads of sharp teeth and hundreds of eyes that stare into your soul so you can't scream-"

"-Tadita! Would you please stop?"

"Why?" She said, a smug grin forming on her face."Are scared?"

"I'm not scared! It's just...I hate it..Teeth?" The young voice insisted, putting on a tough act, "and besides if we do run into the monster, I'll be the one to protect you gals."

I highly doubt that. I thought, after all, he was just a kid not even a preteen yet. And while he was dressed as one of the knights, it was clear just be the way his armour was crafted and how he carries himself. He was a newbie, just a trainee, an understudy. And that's why he will be easy prey.

I was practically right on top of them. It was now or never. I covered the kid's mouth with my left hand and hoisted him up to my chest. He let out a muffled scream as I hastily removed the baldric connected to the sheath.

Unfortunately for me, I had underestimated two things: one the fact that the straps on the dame thing were way harder to remove than I thought didn't help by point number two, this kid supernatural ability to make noise.

I'm serious, this kid gives me an inch. Kicking and thrashed about like he was a fish out of the water and good lord, even gagged this kid give a girl for a run for his money. Infect I wonder if they're related

his screaming for help was so loud that I'm surprised that it took so long for her to notice. Fortunately for him (And unfortunately for me) the girl in front finally

did hear him and let sigh before turning around with a stern expression on her face.

"Orion, what is it n-n-Naah!" Tadita said as their voice escalated into a shriek as she beheld me holding her companion. The kid continues his thrashing until finally one of his blows lands a hit at my...unmentionables. A cry of agony escaped my throat as dropped the kid. I clutched my crotch and buckled down to my knees as he scampered off to the white hair girl side.

"Take this, you ruffian!" I only had enough time to glance up as the end of a blunt object connected to the right of my head sending me spieling to the ground. Colours flashed across my line of sight, most of which were red. My senses numbed, but I could feel a warm trickle curve down my face. So, glad that the visors made of polycarbonate rather than regular glass. The headache for before had returned intensified.

I stumbled forward a few steps from the momentum and turned around to find the source of the blow. My eyes fell on the smudge that brightly contrasted the darkened world around it. A small patch of earth near it glowed light blue and hurled itself towards me. I took another blow to the shoulder and felt some mud-splattered onto my face. It didn't hurt, but the force behind it was enough to nearly knock me off balance. A grimace formed on my face as I wiped the grime away from my eyes.

It was so tempting to just lie there for the rest of my life.

"Tadita good work, I'll take care of the rest." She said as a small shower of sparks erupted from her hands.

"Water arts, Ice style, level 3: Ice Coffin!"She called out as mist rose out of the ground and formed a ring around me, before crystallising as a wall of ice. I laid there as the strange wall ascended and curved inward, making a dome around me. As it came to its completion, the newly made purple dome slowly faded until it was nearly transparent.

"He's not going anywhere," she assured before turning to Tadita."It will hold it until back up gets here."

"Don't take your eyes off it, "Tadita warned, before taking off. There was little doubt in my mind as to where she's going. I need to leave now before she comes back. I can't let that happen.

No, I refused to allow them to corner me into submission so easily. If they wanted me so badly, then they were going to have to work for it. I glared at the strange blue wall that surrounded me; the one thing that was preventing me from escaping at this very moment. It was only built in a matter of seconds; surely it couldn't have been too sturdy, right?

I groggily rose to my feet, wincing as a sharp pain erupted in my knee. My eyes immediately dropped down to my legs, I could see the dirt and grime that had accumulated over my exposed knee again. I gingerly tried to scrape it off with my hand, only to be rewarded with another sting as more crimson spilt out of the wound. I hunched down and covered my knee with my hands in hopes of stopping the flow, succeeding only in painting my own hands red. This wasn't the time or the place to tend to my wounds.

The pain… so much pain…

Well then? What are you waiting for?! Fight back! You can't let this happen! Kill them for all the pain they have given you! A voice commanded in the back of my head, I recognised the second voice as my own, but at the same time, it sounded so... alien. But at the same time, it felt so right.

"A-Ansel," Orion said, eyes locked onto me. "It's ge-getting up again." I paid them little attention, I outstretched my hand and pressed it against the barrier. It was then that I noticed the smoke leaking out from between my fingers. I instinctively pulled my hand back to find the source of the smoke, and a cold shiver ran down my spine at what I discovered. It was my blood. My blood was sizzling away from my bare hand. I glanced up to the force field and saw my crimson handprint slowly eating a hole in the barrier.

"how it's it doing that," Orion asked, voice lined with fear. "Is it supposed to be able to do that?" I could practically see the anxiety radiating from Orion. The bewildered girl shook her head. "No."

At that point, the hole had grown to the point that you could stick your hand through it. Now, that I think about it that not a bad idea. I shoved my hands through the hole, grabbed onto the wall the best I could, and pulled back for all I was worth. The wall was a lot sturdier than I had first anticipated. The only way I knew I was making any progress was by the lavender cracks slowly branching out from the hole. My hands began smoking again as my tortured blood sizzled into nonexistence.

Suddenly, the wall glows in a violet aura and began mending itself. It finally hit me that she must have to be the first to recover and she was doing this. I didn't know how, but somehow, she constructed this wall around me and was sustaining it.

Oh, no you don't I thought pressed my hands against my bleeding knee, gather as much blood as I possible before once again, I painted the barrier walls crimson. And as planned, the shield began deteriorating. I clasped my hands together and swung with all my might at the weakest section of the wall. A web of brilliant lavender flared out around the source of impact. I backed up a few paces and prepared to charge.

Ansel tried to pool more of her magic in to reinforce the barrier but it was already too late as the barrier had already reached its crescendo. The deafening drone of sparks filled the air, drowning out all other noise save for the occasional I rammed my shoulder directly in the centre of the web of cracks. The space around me was suddenly filled with falling water and a cascade of purple ice-like shards as I tumbled back into the outside world. The second my feet hit the mud; I made a mad dash to wear the weapon was.

I had had enough of all this running. It was time to retaliate, I thought as I took the sword in hand. My fingers brushed up against the wooden handle of the sword and tightly curled around it. A new fond rush of adrenaline washed over me. I slowly raised myself and I charged forward and haphazardly swung my sword at her. Ignoring, my aching body shouted in protest to the movement, but I ignored it. No matter how much it hurts, nothing was about to let something like that hinder me from getting my revenge.

She quickly leapt to the right before I even began to swing, causing my weapon to hit nothing but air. Another muddy projectile struck me in the hip. I growled in frustration and attempted another strike, trying to be more accurate. Once I was nearly upon her, I swung my weapon downward as hard as I could but once again, she dodged my attack. My blade buried itself deep into the earth, and before I could dig it back out, the earth underneath me shot upward and rammed my stomach.

My hands released their grip on the sword and instinctively retracted to cover my stomach as I tried to catch my breath. This wasn't cutting it; I needed a new tactic, now or I'm dead. And a thought flashed through my mind, and a twisted smile tugging at my lips. I leapt forward and outstretched my hand, clamping my fingers down on her hair the moment they made contact.

The guard gave a surprised yelp as I pulled her down as I swung my foot as hard as I could at her underside. She crumpled to the ground from the force of the kick, causing a small wave of blood and mud to ripple away. I pinned her down to her back before she could scurry off, raised my hand and brought it down on her head as hard as I could. She went cross-eyed immediately, but she was still conscious. I struck her a few more times until she completely blacked out.

My grip on the sword tightened. I was ready to end this.

"Hey!" Something small hit me in the back. I rose and turned around on the tilting earth to find the young kid standing boldly before me, holding a few rocks in his hand. "leave them alone, you... you freak!"

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Slowly I rose to my full height and began taking staggering steps towards him. A panicked expression flashed across his face as I got closer, and he retreated a few steps in return. Before he had a chance to do something, I sprinting at full speed at him grabbed him by his shoulder, kneed him in the stomach and fucking flip him over my shoulder and setting on the ground.

Finish the job. Make them pay.

I shook my head at the voice's suggestion. "No, there not worth it." My eyes fell upon the sword, still buried in the mud. I staggered up to it and wrenched it out of the ground. "Besides," I added, musing over the feel of the tool in my hand, "I got what I came for. I'm ready to get the hell out of here." I chose a random path and began lumbering through the town, knowing that if I kept going straight, I would eventually find an exit. As I traipsed down the empty streets, I felt another pang where the white kicked my head. A warm trickle slid down my face, reminding me of my broken condition. Colours were starting to blur together. I needed to get out of this mad town before I blacked out entirely.

No more fights. No more running or stumbling around. Stealth was key to success. I stuck to the shadows as I weaved through the labyrinth of houses. Eventually, an exit came into view, and I soon found myself in what I assumed was the outskirts of the town. A few trees dotted the area, and the forest stood on the other side. Three blurs soon appeared ahead of me. I tried to make out the distorted images, but my eyes refused to cooperate. Not wanting to attract any attention, I hid behind a nearby tree and silently waited. Minutes slowly ticked by. Two of the blurs eventually departed, leaving the third all alone. It was clear that it wasn't going to be moving anytime soon, and it was impossible to bypass without causing an alarm. I silently cursed as the inevitable became clear.

There no way around it.

You know what to do.

If I wanted to escape, this someone would have to die.

I slowly stalked closer to my prey, moving from tree to tree, silently hoping that it would scurry off before I could get to it. Not that I wouldn't have minded blowing off some steam, but the last thing I needed was for the ponies to know where I left.

To my displeasure, the smudge was still there by the time I was halfway across the park. I waited for my eyes to correct themselves before going any further, knowing that running in semi-blind at an unknown enemy would be suicide.

They adjusted enough for me to barely make out the situation. The figure was positioned next to a tree a small way from the forest opening. I would have to be more careful now. My body was in no condition to fight, and there wasn't a doubt in my mind that they would attack if it saw me, or at least call for reinforcements. I needed to find a way to sneak up on it. If I could break the line of sight with the tree next to it, then I should be able to get close enough to take care of her before it raises any alarm.

It was my best bet. I slowly trudged through the rain until the tree came between me and my prey before I advanced. I was shaking with anxiety as I drew closer and closer to the tree. It wasn't too long until I close enough that one small slip would ruin everything. If the girl so much as moved, it would undoubtedly spot me.

My hands were getting a little sweaty as I approached the tree, and I had to readjust my grip on my sword. I pressed myself against the bark and slowly revolved around the tree. I craned my neck around the edge to my target. Through my hazy vision, I could see there frame shivering violently with its back turned to me.

A small, twisted smile began to tug at my lips. This was going to be an easy kill. I tightened my grip on my sword. Sweat mixed with my scabbing blood. I left my cover and ever so slowly snuck up behind it. I was mere feet upon it when the girl turned to look behind her and that's then I pounce. Still, its reason was sound enough for my broken condition to accept. I had had enough of all this running. It was time to retaliate.

My fingers brushed up against the wooden handle of the sword and tightly curled around it. A new fond rush of adrenaline washed over me. I slowly raised myself to my hands and knees. My aching body shouted in protest to the movement, but I ignored it. No matter how much it hurts, nothing was about to let something like that hinder me from getting my revenge.

When I finally managed to get up to my feet, a blunt force rammed into the back of my head.

I charged forward and haphazardly swung my sword at her. She quickly leapt to the right before I even began to swing, causing my weapon to hit nothing but air. Another muddy projectile struck me in the hip. I growled in frustration and attempted another strike, trying to be more accurate. Once I was nearly upon her, I swung my weapon downward as hard as I could but once again, she dodged my attack.

My blade buried itself deep into the earth, and before I could dig it back out, the earth underneath me shot upward and rammed my stomach.

My hands released their grip on the sword and instinctively retracted to cover my stomach as I tried to catch my breath. This wasn't cutting it; I needed a new tactic, now or I'm dead. And a thought flashed through my mind, and a twisted smile tugging at my lips. I leapt forward and outstretched my hand, clamping my fingers down on her hair the moment they made contact.

The guard gave a surprised yelp as I pulled her down as I swung my foot as hard as I could at its skull. She crumpled to the ground from the force of the kick, causing a small wave of blood and mud to ripple away. I pinned her down to her back before she could scurry off, raised my hand and brought it down on its wrists, tying them together as crush it into submission.

Like stealing candy for a baby. I thought as It struggled beneath me but to no avail. My grip on the sword tightened.

Time to end it! I thought, elevated the sword as high as my tired arm would allow and sent it hurtling down on my prey's head.

Only to miss its mark. Stopped near inches away off from its neck by inches.

No not it. I thought as my vision finally cleared enough for me to see details. It was a girl. Women, another human being. With long chestnut hair, probably once smooth but now ruined by the muddy ground, her clothing wasn't in any better shape ever as it was covered by my blood that was dripping from my body. My heart nearly stopped when I saw her face. Her eyes were clamped shut, and tears rolled down her cheeks. A quiet sobbing emitted from her mouth, cut off now and then by random coughs. My headache slowly intensified. Once again, the strange voice made itself known. Why are you hesitating? it asked. You can kill it right now and get it all over with.

I shook my head. I could not do her. No matter what, I could not bring myself to lift the sword. My eyes were glued to her face. It was unsettling to see she was crying. She was so different from the others I have come across, she didn't try to attack or intimidate me; she was terrified, I was the cause. She not one of those soldiers. As was wearing a similar yellow flower dress and not the armour of the soldiers.

She never tried to impede my escape; she was just standing here. She never attacked me; she never tried to hurt me. She never wanted to murder me.

She was... innocent.

She innocent and yet almost murdered her. I relinquished my grip and simply hovered over her. Even now, with nothing holding her to the ground, she instead just sat there almost as if she was completely paralysed with fear. I wouldn't be too surprised if she wasn't considering what I had just done to her.

What have I done?

Emma!" Her eyes shot open stared up at me, tears still rolling down her cheeks; she cries much softer, almost inaudible until she coughed. We stayed there, frozen like statues until the familiar voice cried again."Stay away from her!" With my body still crouched over her, I turned around to see none other than Dianna and her cronies standing behind us, weapons drawn and ready each looking prepared to tear me limb from limb.

What was I going to do? It's like sixteen on one; I'll never win. I could easily run into the forest, but that would only delay the inevitable outcome of them catching me. If I'm going to get out of this alive, I needed an advantage over them; something other than hammy acting. Something that would discourage them from following me. Something... My eyes drifted back down. She looked back up with fearful eyes.

Like a hostage. The Voice "helpfully chimed in.

I can't...I couldn't...

It's either your life or hers, the choice is yours.

She desperately struggled to free herself, and at that moment, my choice was made. I grabbed her by her shoulder and pulled her up. She tried to fight back, but it was in vain. Even in this state, I was stronger than her. I hoisted to her feet, tucking my left arm under her stomach to keep her pressed against me. With my right, I wrenched my stolen sword out of the mud and rested the edge of the blade under her chin. As expected, their eyes lit up with shock.

"Listen up, worms," I shouted over the pounding rain. "I've had enough of our little game of chase. I am going to walk into that forest, and none of you is going to follow me. Got it? If any of you do," I tilted the blade to expose Emma's neck, "well, Let's hope you're smart enough to figure out the rest." I slowly began backing into the forest. Dianna started to make a move but one of the soldiers, I think his was Sky if I was hearing there quickly cut her off. "I'll let this one goes when I'm done," I assured. "But if you follow me. Well," I pressed the blade closer to her neck to discourage her. "Let hope you're smart enough to now the rest."

"P-P-Please!" she desperately cried out to her comrades. "D-Don't let him take me!"

This time, it was Dianna who took a few steps forward ignoring the others attempt to stop her.

"Don't think I'll hesitate," I warned, the blade practically resting on her neck making it appear as if I was prepared to slice Emma's throat. It was a hollow threat but thankfully due to my villain's voice they bought it and hesitantly backed up.

"Don't worry, Emma," Dianna called, her voice verging on cracking. "Everything's going to be fine. You're going to be okay; I promise."

The canopy of the forest soon covered me and my hostage as we gingerly retreated deeper and deeper, casting frequent glances behind to make sure I wouldn't follow or anything. As soon as I was sure that the others hadn't followed us, I dropped her on the ground. Immediately, she curled up on the ground and buried her head into her hands. Her entire body was trembling.

"P-Please don't hurt me," she begged. A crater was beginning to form in my chest, quickly becoming filled with guilt. I could only shake my head, disheartened by her first words towards me. Words were failing me at this point. She really did think I going to go back on my own words? That I just going to kill her anyway? I sighed and finally managed to get a word out. "Go."

Suddenly, her shaking had stopped and she had lifted a hand and reveal her tearstained eyes and face of confusion.

"What?" she asked uncertainly not sure how to respond.

"I said GO!! Or maybe you do wish to die after all!!! I snapped, cringing at the unintended harshness of my own voice. Nevertheless, she received the message. After scrambling up to her feet, she darted away, back to the town. A sigh escaped me as the sound of her running slowly faded off into the distance, and I began stumbling aimlessly through the forest. I had won and got away. However, I wasn't enjoying my victory. I had just come down from my autopilot mode and was now freaking out. I was in an alien world, with no food, no help, and no way out. To make things bleaker, I now had a princess and her lackeys after me, and she seemed like the kind of person that holds grudges,

And the worst part was the fact that I going to need more than sand, some sword I stole and my silver tongue to weasel my way out of my next encounter. What the hell am I supposed to do I'm just some a high school student, not some psychotic survivalist! So, I'm going to need something that they have and I don't.


But, I don't know where to begin to look for some. However, from what I can gather for the shows and books there's always some magical artefacts out there, that can give me magic power. I know at the time it was desperate thinking but what other choices did I have, that had to be it. If not. My ass is cooked. But first, I need a place to stay. However, a highly doubt that anyone would help me, considering the fact princess of the entire nation was now out for my blood, and if I don't find shelter soon it's is going to be a guarantee.

Unfortunately, my wounds for my skirmish had finally begun taking their toll as the blood loss made me slip in and out of consciousness as I aimlessly walk through the forest not caring about the surroundings. God, I feel like shit. Probably even worse from the night before, I was lightheaded (probably from the blood loss), my muscles aching for relief and the all too familiar taste of pain and blood-forming in the back of my mouth.

"I....need..to find... Shelter."I panted continuing to walk until I spotted a cave carved out of the side of a mountain, just a little ways ahead. Deciding that sleeping in a cave would be better than getting thrown in a dungeon. I moved into the cave and collapsed on the ground, exhausted. Only had enough energy to roll over on my back to breathe better as I have no drive to get back up. My pain slowly melted away as sleep's sweet embrace covered my mind.

The last thing I saw was the twin moons shining through the cave entrance. The sight of such an otherworldly site only confirmed that this is another world and the is my new reality.

You have done well, little fire starter.

You have set the stage wonderfully.

Now let the show begin.

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