4 Day 1 part 1: The World's Worst First Impression

I couldn't tell you how long I was asleep; just that it seemingly stretches for eternity. How long have I been in this eternal void? I cannot move, cannot breathe, and I can only barely think. The darkness, no, emptiness was my only companion for all these long times. But eventually, my endless sleep ended and absolutely everything hurt: my head, my chest, my legs, my gut, but more than anything, my head. Finding myself more drained of energy.

God, this has to be the worst hangover ever. Even attempting to raise my hand to prove too much for my aching body to handle. The most I could do with all the power she could muster was force a single one of her eyes open but found that my vision was blurry, and I can't see a thing beyond some colours and shapes. Also, there was this persistent buzzing in my ear that was making my headache worse.

No, not buzzing was the sound of a voice. Someone is talking.

…. Get…up…

What going? What are they saying? I can't understand them.

Get. Up…now…

Did something happen to me? I don't understand? Am I- I—

—SAID GET UP!! Suddenly, a voice came roaring out sounding more like an animal cry and than that of a person. It was way too much activity for me to put up with right now. So, with a good deal of effort, I managed to flail my whole body forward and let out a moan complaint. Slowly, the world around me became less and less blurry as my vision began to settle and clear, and with a few final blinks, my vision return surroundings.... and immediately realised something was wrong.

It was the sky? Sure enough, high above me was a clear blue sky with only the slightest traces of white clouds. The warm yellow sun shone down suggesting midday, or early afternoon at the latest. Its rays were comfortable, perhaps the only thing about the present situation.

Thoughts such as where am I? Why am I here? And how did I end up here? Why was I laying on the cold, stone-like ground of what appeared to be a forest? I looked to my left and right and saw only barren trees and undergrowth as far as the eye could see. But I couldn't happen but think: why is it so quiet?

A Forest like this should behave at least a few animals or birds chirping and flying about. But all I could hear was the occasional wind blowing through the leaves and twigs, and the occasional sound of my own panting. And yet there was no birds or no animals and definitely no signs of human habitation in this place. In fact, it was a feeling of emptiness that I was feeling. The whole atmosphere of this place was wrong, as though nothing in existence was happy here.

But that didn't matter right now, what did was what comes next. This whole scenario gave me a strange feeling of wonder and fear. I'm likely miles from home, with no way to get back. And no way of contacting anyone because I left your phone in your car because you forgot to add pockets to your blood costume. I might have been reported a missing person, but I'm sure the police probably aren't even looking for you and if they are they're not looking for me here.

"Ugh... Sometimes I hate my life." I say to myself, filed all this info away for future reference and decided that the best course of action was for me to pick a random direction and go that way. I think that if I keep walking, I'll either find civilisation or die from exhaustion. Either way, I'm going to die eventually, but at this point, I'm just looking for a place of comfort and not death.

"After all, it could be worse." I think to myself. I chose a random direction and set off, I might as well keep going and see what's around the next bend or hill. A couple of hours later, I'm starting to regret my decision. The sun is blaring down onto my head and my feet are aching something terrible. But never less I trudge on, though I'm starting to think that this is a lost cause.

And my patience grace of God shines through, and I see a road. A real, honest to goodness road. It's the first one I've seen since I've been out here, and it's a beautiful sight.

"Yes! This is great! The road led to civilisation! And civilisation means people! I thought out loud, my vigour now with renewed hope as I continue on my journey. Until I came across what looks to be a town. Now, it's not a large one, but there are enough houses and shoddily cobbled streets that it's clear I'm nearing some sort of community.

This confuses me a bit since it looked positively medieval with stone and wood buildings rather than the modern city I was living in the night before. But regardless, I was finally able to find people and get some help. But as got closer I started to get this sinking suspicion that I shouldn't go there.

The closer I got to this place, the unease I got. This didn't feel right, and I wanted to turn back. I acknowledged this feeling, but I had to ignore it, seeing this as my only option.

Let's hope, I'll be able to find a phone and call someone.

As I enter the town, taking in the sights like a tourist, I notice the town square. There's a large group of people gathered around a statue, and the sounds of laughter and cheering are filling the air.

I walk over to the crowd, and I'm able to get a better look. Soon, I began seeing people, but something was... off, for lack of a better word. They were all dressed in some form of mediaeval style clothing, which seemed very... ragged. They also looked weary, and most of them were supporting small bundles or bags.

"They much are having some Sort of Medieval festival," I mused to myself, trotting up to the nearest people, an older man who looks like he's in his forties and a younger lady who looks like she's around my own age.

"Excuse me," I ask, trying to sound as polite and mature as possible. The man and the girl idly glanced my way and nearly tripped over themselves. The eyes went wide and mouths slowly opened as jaws went slack. It looked like they saw a ghost.

They were not the only ones as apparently I was loud enough to grab the attention of many townsfolk. I could practically see the fear on their faces as they stared at me. Eyes shrunk to pinpricks when they saw me standing in the street. Whichever ones that had not noticed me turned to see what the silence was all about, and they too hushed up.

It was like those old western's movies, where MC would enter the saloon and the music would stop. Not even one of them blinked. I could hear some of them whisper to each other. God? The tension can be cut with a knife. Well, might as well introduce myself, so, I gave a polite cough.

"Um… hello?" I said hesitantly. It seems this is the one good jolt they need to shake them out of their trance as men, women and children began to scream as hell bolted to whatever shelter they could find. Over the general chaos, I could hear a few more exclamations that weren't fearful screams.

"Monster! Monster! Everyone runs for your lives!" one said, "Take anyone but me!" cried another "We're all doomed! Doomed!" Holy crap, these guys are terrified! Of me? What in the heck do they think I did? All I've said so far was some variation of 'hello.'

"It's a monster! Hide before killing us all!" I blinked confusedly "… what?" I ask tried to reach out to one of the stragglers.

"Excuse me. Do you know what-" And just like that he zipped away as fast as lightning before I could even finish my question?

How rude.

"Can, tell me-" Zip. A second zipped away faster than the last guy.

"Man, these guys are quick." Oh well, the third time's a charm. "Will you-"




"Would one of you! Plea-"


After a few more tries and what feels like a few hours of this, the street where lift empty. Not a soul about, except myself and a little girl, who was dashing back and forth like a squirrel stuck in traffic.

"Hay! Wait! Please, don't run off! I'm going to hart to you! "I yell out, running in front of her and attempt to stop her from running off like the others. But once the girl got an eyeful of me, she responded by taking a sharp intake of breath and released an ear-piercing "AAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "shriek before fainting on to the hard dirt good. The shriek was easily as loud as a foghorn but had the pitch of a dog whistle. I could feel the sound vibrate in lungs, my making me cringe and instinctually from the sheer volume of it.

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Yeah, my headaches back. Dear lord the lungs on that kid. I thought, rubbing the back of my head. I don't get it, what with everyone? Why are they so scared of me?

"Would someone please tell me what's going on?!" I shouted, though no one was willing to answer. The only indication that there is life here was the way the shutters on houses would open up a crack for its inhabitants to watch me, the walls of the buildings were old and seemed to creak as it absorbed the silence of the area, but then slam shut whenever I glanced in their direction. I let out a sigh, now tired of this nonsense as took a seat on a nearby water fountain and thought of what was happening.

I don't understand, I just don't! Why any of this was happening, one minute everything was fine next thing I knew everything was running as their life depended on it. Which, means that my festival theory was a bust, but what if I'm looking at this the wrong way. What if this whole thing was nothing more than a delusion.

So, the answer: Mass hysteria. I mean think about it, the costume, the way everything acting, and how they so scared of me. Coupled with the fact of the isolation of the town and its close-knit community that it would have, would be the perfect breeding grounds for the disease.

Still, it's nothing more than just a theorised on my part and it still doesn't explain why I'll be in a forest or why this happening? But I had to stick with it for two reasons: after all, I'm not going to believe I magically teleported into the past or I got fucking Isekaied.

So that was my story for now and I'll be sticking with it until I have some new information to go off of. Though admittedly, I will say a part of myself felt surprisingly good about watched those freaks run and cower from me. I wasn't why or sure what to make of it, but I felt powerful like I could make this town into rubble if I so chose. But those thoughts were put on the back burner, the sun was already setting as the twilight of the night began to set in, so I'll need to find somewhere to sleep before it gets dark. Worst-case scenario I ended up sleeping in the Woods, which I think would be not the worst thing to happen today.

But before I had a chance to do something, a voice called out from behind me.

"Hey, you! Can I help you with something, or at least know why you're terrorising these poor citizens?"I turned to the source of the voice and saw...HER. For the first time.

She was young, about my age with finely textured golden hair, which seems as if it is sprinkled with gold-dust and frames the rest of her face perfectly with long primary bangs and shorter secondary and tertiary set while the rest cascades to the middle of her back, with the longest extending down to reach her nose. And on top of her head sits a Beautiful golden crown with a variable number of spikes protruding upwards and to the sides, alongside smaller numerous spikes, make it appears as though it was hit by an electric current.

But it was what she wearing that caught my eye the most almost immediately for sheer just to position as unlike village who wear Reggy old clothes, she wears armour akin to that of the knight. This costume must have cost her a small fortune to make as the sheer intricacy of the plate was of a truly amazing design, and up made of countless layers of steel fomenting together into a rounded breastplate. This is a fused golden spiral pattern gorget, alongside two sets of pauldrons and a crest on the front of the breastplate. The crest itself was that of a golden sword with two silvery wings on either side.

Her arm was covered with two overlappings, a single plate making up the waist armour and two gauntlets also omit the feathery elbow guards. Moving down, she wore a golden skirt with silver stripes and accented with silver belted at the waist. on both knees, under which she wearing golden boots reaching up to her thighs. And finally, upon her right hip was this beautifully adorned blue and golden scabbard with runic symbols written on it.

In all my life, I have never seen anything so beautifully made outfit. All of which combined into a deadly combination of ornamentation and regal beauty. It so beautiful wished that I wish has a camera with me, so I can get a good picture or two of it-

"-Wizards, I am asking you a question: who are you and why are you terrorising these townsfolk?!"

And I'm starring like a creeper.

"I'm sorry," I say apologetically, "I didn't mean to stair, it's just your costume lo- "

"-Costume! Do you have any idea who you are speaking with? I am princess Dianna of Floara and I demand your respect!" And course, she's a fucking nut job! That just great, the one person who hasn't run away screaming bloody murder happened to a wacko. Still, if she a Victim of this mass hysteria then I should come at this carefully.

Listen, I honest to god don't know who you or this 'Floara' is. I'm trying to find out where I am, so I get out of this town," I said honestly, not wanting to anger this girl any further. She seems pretty set on killing me, and I'd rather not give her a reason to do so.

"Do you truly believe that I am an idiot?" I went to say yes but my better judgement is telling me that a bad idea and that such try being reasonable in an attempt to try and deescalate the situation. "Please, just want to talk."

"…Talk," she growled, if it clears by her body alone language, she was clearly not buying when I was putting down. God, I'm really hoping that she one of those people who don't like to throw the first punch, but I could tell she was chomping at the bit to beat the crap out of me. "A monster like you want to talk. "But her answer only increases my confusion and frustration even more. "Come on give me some context, I'm literally pulling at straws here. Can you at least tell me why everyone was so, you know," I circled a hand in the air desperately searchingly for a word nice, "skittish?"

"Skittish!? You… th-the gall! You can't even acknowledge your own crimes."

"Crime? What are you talking about?" I asked. "Stop playing tricks, heathen! The "princess" asked aggressively. "You claim ignorance yet, the evidence of your crime is everywhere!"

"Trick? What are you even talking about! I honestly have no idea what you're even talking about, I was just trying to find my way out of this damn town!"I snap, finally losing my patience. For waking up in the forest to the town of loony's have left me bitter and I'm not going to put up with your nonsense any longer!

"Liar! I knew your kind! You're the lowest form of life! A demon in human skin! And you call yourself a sorcerer?! You are no better than those nightmares that infest this realm!" I was beginning to suspicions something was not, unfortunately, it took a back seat along with my logical side as not only did I heeded none of them.

"Wow? You really do think you're some "some hot shot Princess", don't you?" I said, her face flushed a bright red before turning into one hell of a grimace. "Don't taunt me! Or I'll have to bring you in with "Force".

"Ooh, scary." I mocked waving my hand in mock fear. Not my brightest move, but I thought nothing of it at the time. However, I'm about to make this situation worse as I responded in the most aggressively (and foolishly) way, and walked up to the odd girl that called itself Princess. "Well then "princess", it's tea time now so how about you get fuck out of here! And leave me alone! "I said sizing her up, "Because I've had it up to here with these this stupid fucking freaks! And I'm not going to get fucking criticised by some wannabe princess!" I shouted. "So, do yourself a favour get out of my sight before I tear you a new asshole, you flat-chested cunt!

Ok, not my best choice of words but you need to understand I was 100% Percent done with this place and wanted some answers. And it was clear that Dianna was not going to give me an answer. So, once I finish my rant, I began to go on my worry ready to leave this fucking awful place but as I began to leave, I started to hear this crackling sound coming from behind me.

I turned back around just in time to see Dianna, her body shake with pure, unadulterated hate. I could see spittle gather on her lips past her grinding teeth, and her eyeballs pulsed from increased blood flow. I swear I could see every vein on her face.

Suddenly, she unsheathed revealed one of the most beautiful weapons I have ever seen. It could be best described as a spear/sword hybrid, consisting of a long metallic grey spear shaft for a bottom with a golden circular shape the cross-guards which had small silver-tone triangles adorning it. As for the blade, it was that of a sword with a golden colour blade, which itself seemed to be etched with patterns and held a faint blueish glow, giving it an otherworldly appearance. But what caught my eye the most about this sword was the spark with blue and yellow electricity coming off the blade.

"Wind arts, Thunder style," Suddenly, the energy began to shape inside a ball of pure blue and yellow electricity. "Level 4: Thunder-Shot!" Before shooting out like a bolt of lightning right for my head.

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