40 Breakthrough, Enlightenment Realm!

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"How can this kid be so fierce! Damn it!"

He had just finished complaining when another one fell from the field.

That person was even more seriously injured.  He had taken a blow from Fang Yuan in the crotch, so he definitely would not be able to stand up for a while.

However, Fang Yuan's pressure did not decrease at all.

There were simply too many opponents.

One of them had just been defeated, and another was sent up.

And this time, it was a second layer Enlightenment Realm expert.

If this continued, he would be the one at a disadvantage.

No matter how vast Fang Yuan's spiritual essence was, it would be unable to compare to the sum of more than ten people.

These guardians clearly knew Fang Yuan's weakness.

"Let's take turns.  Hold on and exhaust him to death!"

Vice City Lord Xu could only feel anxious as he watched from the side.  Although the guardians did not go on stage, their gazes had already locked onto him and his subordinates.

As long as he dared to act rashly, he believed that his head would be in the hands of the other party in the next second.

He could only shout from the side.

"Brother Fang, stop fighting and think of a way to escape!"

"Do you want to die?"

A guardian looked over and attacked brazenly.

A group of soldiers stood in front of Vice City Lord Xu without fear of death, trying to block him.

At this moment, a white light flashed.

Everyone blinked their eyes.  When they opened them again, they saw that the guardian's head had been smashed into pieces, leaving only a protruding spine stained with brains and blood.

In less than two seconds, he fell to the ground.

On the wall behind him, there was a long rod with an ancient design.

"This kid doesn't want to live anymore! He actually threw away his weapon?"

The guardians in the field were bewildered, and the attacks became fiercer.

Fang Yuan used his fist as a rod, and after blocking a few moves, he rolled on the ground.

When he stood up again, there was a tree branch in his hand.

It was the same weapon that his senior used back then.

It was ordinary and plain.

"What is he doing? Using a tree branch as a weapon? Is he crazy?"

"Who cares what he's trying to do? Let's attack him together and kill him!"

The three of them held their weapons and attacked Fang Yuan once again.

At this moment, Fang Yuan slowly closed his eyes and listened attentively in this chaotic battle.


It was the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves.

The three weapons were already close to him!

Just one more step!

The long saber would be able to split open his body.

The double hooks would cut through his throat.

The sharp sword would pierce through his forehead.

But at this moment, their speed continued to decrease until it reached a point where they were almost at a standstill.

The moment was an eternity!

Fang Yuan suddenly moved.

The wooden stick in his hand drew a clean arc in the air.

From left to right, there was no extra movement.

As his movement ended, the world seemed to have returned to normal.

The three guardians' hands that were suspended in the air still did not move.

They could clearly feel the power in their bodies draining away rapidly.

Blood shot out from the arteries in their necks at the same time.  The wounds were abnormally neat.  The three of them were exactly the same without any deviation.

"What...  what...  happened..." 

The few of them could not figure out how Fang Yuan killed them even as they died.

The few guardians beside them could see clearly and could not help but gasp.

"How did this kid's speed suddenly become so fast?"

"Using a tree branch to kill people, could it be that he has comprehended the way of nature?"

Just as they were feeling bewildered, Fang Yuan had already walked towards them with a tree branch in his hand.

But for some reason, they did not have any thoughts of escaping or evading.

Even if Fang Yuan held a blood-stained tree branch in his hand, they could not feel the slightest threatening aura.

But the power in Fang Yuan's body was rising step by step.

The spiritual essence in his meridians and acupoints were burning almost at the same time.

"Not good, he's about to break through.  Hurry up and leave!"

"I also want to, but why is the way of nature that this kid has comprehended so strange!"

This was the formless power of the way of nature, one of the necessary conditions to enter the Enlightenment Realm.

When Fang Yuan walked in front of them, some of them finally had the feeling of breaking free.

But it was already too late.

Fang Yuan, who had entered the first layer of Enlightenment Realm, was no longer at a disadvantage when facing them.

Killing them was as easy as crushing an ant.

It only took a dozen breaths.

Fang Yuan's figure kept flashing.

All the guardians on the field fell to the ground and stopped breathing.

Vice City Lord Xu was deeply shocked by Fang Yuan's methods.  It took him a long time to recover.

"Brother Fang, you've broken through to the Enlightenment Realm?"


"Your Enlightenment Realm...  is quite extraordinary." 

It was the first time Vice City Lord Xu saw such a powerful Enlightenment Realm master.  He had just broken through and killed more than ten people who were also in the Enlightenment Realm.

Fang Yuan forced a smile.  After a big battle, his spiritual essence had been exhausted, and he could barely stand.

Vice City Lord Xu immediately waved his hand.  "Go, send Guardian Fang back to his room and send someone to take good care of him!"


A few soldiers carefully lifted Fang Yuan up.  There were also people who ran to clean up the worm rod stuck in the wall.

With their help, Fang Yuan finally lay on the bed.  Just as he closed his eyes, someone knocked on the door from outside.

"Come in." 

It was the examiner from the outer sect competition.

Fang Yuan frowned, "Martial Uncle? Why are you here?"

"I am here to deliver news, your senior sister is sick." 

Fang Yuan sat up straight and asked, "What happened? Aren't Foundation Establishment Stage Gu masters immune to all diseases?"

The examiner sighed, "Wan Qian's vital Gu is a Cold Yin Gu.  A woman's physique is considered Yin and lacks Yang.  After being tortured by the vital Gu, her illness is incurable and she is close to death." 

"Then what should we do?"

Fang Yuan did not wish for anything to happen to Wan Qian.  His breakthrough was mostly thanks to her, and he could not bear to see Wan Qian die.

"The only way is to find a Yang Gu that is not inferior to the Cold Yin Gu and cultivate with her, to reconcile Yin and Yang." 

Saying so, the examiner looked at Fang Yuan, "Right now, you are the only male cultivator close to her in the sect, so this matter can only be left to you." 

"Are there any in the sect?"

"There were in the past, but now they're extinct." 

Fang Yuan was silent.

The Cold Yin Gu, if he remembered correctly, was a Bronze quality Gu worm.

A Yang type Gu worm of the same quality, near the Gu Immortal Sect, it was best to find one of the three talented Gu, the Sunlight Gu.

It just so happened that it was a Yang type Gu worm, and could also increase the ability of Moonlight Gu.

He could not help but think of that Crimson Flame Mystic Realm.

The tomb of that fire element tribulation transcender definitely had something he needed.

Whether it was for Wan Qian or himself, he should make this trip.

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