1 The birth of a Ghoul

A high school boy was on his way to school. He has blue eyes which was like blue ocean. He had a skinny figure with a warm undertone.

As he was on his way he suddenly hear some sound from behind and as he looked he found a figure with brown eyes and green hair spikes which was touching back of his head. His name was Lucas.

"What's up Albero!" he said in a friendly way. Albero and Lucas were good friends from the age of five years. As Albeno was a typical introvert from quite a young age he was only able to make one friend.

"Today is the last day of high school." Lucas said with a huge grin on his face. "Hmm" Albeno said by nodding his head.

After 15 minutes both reached their school. When they arrived at the classroom they found three students who were blocking their way. The leader of their group was a student named Villy who has quite a body with huge muscles and packs.

"So where do you think you are going without taking permission from us" Villy said showing a fireball on his hand.

Actually several decades before from today scientist found that human's DNA was modifying at a very faster and huge rate and this incident was know in the history as human evolution. But no one knows the answer why it happen.

The evolved DNA gave birth to supernatural powers but with this came a number of people who lacked this evolved DNA's and one of them was the Albero.

But Albero do not have money so he decided to gave his bottle instead of money.

The reason why doesn't he have money was because he was a orphan and only 16 years old so he cannot earn money.

His parents died at the age of 5 and his relatives take him in.

When he offered his bottle, Villy got offended and was about to throw his hand fireball, but suddenly a voice came from behind which led the trio group to sleep.

It was actually Lucas powers. His power allow to manipulate the brain of anybody except the people who had high mental strength or very much powerful than him.

After this the teacher came ignoring the trio which was on the floor and gave a farewell speech to the students and left the room. It was a half day in the school due to the last day so everyone left for their home.

Albero took his leave with his friend Lucas and thanking him on his way to his home.

After reaching home he was welcomed by his aunt "How was your day" Albero's aunt said with a smile. But Albero was quite sad with his disability but tried his best to hide his emotions and said "It was fine" with a fake smile and then walked straight for his room.

After reaching his room he found his parent's photo with him on the table which he holded and started crying " Why.....Why..... did you left me in this cruel world when I needed you the most. That photo was the last birthday gift given by his parents on the age 5.

When Albero was crying, eventually a single drop of tear fall on the photo, and a golden light appeared from it, after which the photo turn into a injection with red substance filled inside it with a note of 'For Albero'.

When he saw the injection coming out of nowhere he stopped crying and read the note.

The note blew his mind because he had never seen a situation like this where a tear could turn a object into injection.

About thinking for a while he think that this object could be important for him that is why his parents has disguise the object like this.

So he came to the conclusion that he will give it a try.

He took his right arm and started putting the injection on one of his nerves, as he was no doctor so he find quite hard to find his nerve and after finding it he started thrusting into his right arms and push the syringe.

After a few seconds his body started becaming pale as all of his blood was concentrating into his right arm at the injection site. "Aaaaahhh...." he started screaming in pain and his body started vibrating as he was in the condition of fits. His chest became hot and his heartbeat became almost twice as fast as it was about to explode.

After 1 minute he got stable again and suddenly a message appeared in front of him.

[Congratulations you been granted a system of a ghouls]

As he was reading the first line he listened a voice from the outside of his room.

"Is everything ok, dear" his aunt said with worried expression after he reply "Yes, I am fine aunt, just my foot got striked with the bed". After the answer, aunt told him to take care and left and after which he thought what is this and what the heck a ghoul is?