43 Destined

Yang Mi felt dizzy once again as though there was a force deep inside her that wanted to break out from her body. And surprisingly, she had in inkling that it was brought out by this unknown man. 

However, she had no proof that it was really because of him. It could be the work of the ghost she met earlier too. 

"I'm alright. Just a little bit dizzy," said Yang Mi. She put her palms against the walls of the elevator and intended to make some space between them. 

However, as soon as she took a step back and stepped away from the man, the dizzy feeling she was experiencing intensified. 

Before she could think of something, her vision was swallowed by darkness. 

The last thing she felt was the man swiftly scooping her up to carry her before she fell.

When Yang Mi woke up, she saw that she was inside a car. The scenery outside the car windows continued to change as her vision was still panning in and out of consciousness. 


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