Half an hour later.

"What kind of medicinal ingredient is this water? It tastes pretty good."

Zeke was naked. He took the bowl Watson handed him and drank a mouthful of clear, colorful water. His eyes brightened.

It tasted spicy and sweet in his mouth.

As soon as he drank it, a warm current flowed down his throat and into his limbs and bones. Zeke watched the scabs on his body fall off at a speed visible to the naked eye, revealing the pink and tender skin underneath. Not only that.., his muscles, which were sore from the beating, and his bones, which were faintly aching, no longer hurt.

During this half an hour, Watson ground the seven treasures glazed ginseng and used hot water to brew two bowls of medicine. Zeke and Zenoah also used a towel to wipe their bodies clean.

"Zenoah, look, my strength seems to have increased a lot."

Zenoah also drank the medicine and jumped from the bed to the ground. With one arm, he easily lifted the heavy wooden table in the room and was pleasantly surprised.

His nether regions grew bigger too.

It was as straight as a sword.

Zenoah lowered his head to take a look. His face first turned white, then red. He awkwardly raised the table and petrified on the spot.

"Ahem." Watson coughed lightly. He reached out and hugged the little lion who was lying on the ground. "This medicine is called the Seven Treasures Glazed Ginseng. It can heal the body and make people strong, but it has some side effects."

The Little Lion hid in Watson's arms and glanced at Zenoah's lower body. He then spread his legs and looked at his own. The corners of his mouth curled up, revealing a touch of human-like disdain.

Allen also followed beside Watson. He did not feel embarrassed when he saw Zenoah. Instead, he had an envious look on his face, "I didn't expect the effects of Seven Treasures Glazed Ginseng to be even stronger than the legends! Sigh, Lord Watson is really too kind to his family. If only I could have a sip of this medicine..."

"Seven Treasures Glazed Ginseng? It's the legendary medicine that drives men crazy and makes women cry. Such a precious medicinal ingredient actually exists in this manor?" Zenoah was first surprised, then he gritted his teeth. His injury had healed, but his genitalia was swollen and uncomfortable.

It was a pain that only men could understand.

"My brothers, think of a way to solve yourselves! Rest early, I'll be leaving first." Watson coughed and walked out of the bedroom. He could still faintly hear the voices coming from inside the room.

Zeke asked, "That idiot Watson, wasting such a precious medicine! He even said that he wants us to solve it ourselves. How are we supposed to solve this?"

"It'll be fine. Don't you have hands? If you really can't do it, I'll lend you mine." It was Zeke's voice.

"Don't talk anymore. I'm getting goosebumps."

The voice came to an abrupt stop. Allen walked out of the room, carefully closed the door, and bowed to Watson, "Lord Watson, my respect for you is as boundless as the Holy Dragon River! The two people who were so weak just a moment ago have now become like wolves and tigers. Lord Watson is really a natural pharmacist, a child prodigy blessed by the Gods..."

The Holy Dragon River was a large river that ran through the east and west of the Holy Dragon Kingdom. The entire country was indebted to this river. Allen's then mood could only be expressed by using the river as an analogy.

"What do you mean by 'like a wolf or a tiger'? Do you know how to speak? Alright, let's cut the nonsense. Choose six farmers for me tomorrow morning. I want to bring them home. The remaining farmers will continue to grow here. As for you, bring the guards to Misty Forest and catch magical beasts. Harvest more herbs while you're at it."

Watson glanced at Allen. "If you do it well, I might fuse one Seven Treasures Glazed Ginseng for you."

"Don't worry, Lord Watson. I will work hard to complete the task!"

Allen hurriedly agreed. His legs almost went weak and he knelt down again.

If there was one word to describe his current mood, it would be 'excited.' Originally, he was only afraid of Watson, but now he had a trace of admiration. He did not know what magic Watson used to fuse the herbs, but he knew that Watson did not even eat a single bite of that precious ginseng.

Since he treated his family that well, it was only natural that he would not treat his subordinates badly. In addition to Watson's words just now, it was obvious that he was trying to entice him. As a person who had so much wisdom at such a young age, Watson would definitely become someone who would do great things in the future.

By following such a promising youth, his future achievements would only be higher and higher. At this moment, the last bit of grudge he had against Miles' death vanished completely into thin air.


The next morning.

Watson stood at the entrance of Miles Manor and commanded the farmers to load the armors, weapons, and gold coins they had collected. Other than that, there were also some clothes, meat, bread, and wheat seeds, which filled three large carts.

Even these three carts were the property of the manor.

The six farmers selected by Allen each pushed a cart in groups of two. Zeke and Zenoah had already changed into a new set of clothes. Because they had just recovered from a serious illness, they had gained another thousand pounds of strength. Their complexion was much better than before, however, their walking posture was a little strange. They spread their legs and looked at Watson with a bitter gaze. It was obvious that the previous night had not been easy on them.

"Let's go!"

Watson deliberately did not look at his two brothers. He rubbed the head of the little lion lying on his shoulder with his fingers and led the six farmers back to their homes.

In front of the manor gate, the guards, including Allen, and the remaining farmers waved at Watson reluctantly.

"Lord Watson, please come back soon!"

"Sigh, if only I could be chosen to go to Lord Watson's home together."

The group of people sighed, their eyes filled with envy as they looked at the six cart farmers.

This morning, someone woke up to find that the magic beasts in the manor had disappeared. After asking, they found out that Watson had used magic to fuse them into a Gold-tier magical beast the previous day. It was the same little lion on Watson's shoulder, the sight of which caused some people's legs to tremble.

Some people also learned from Allen that Lord Watson had used ordinary herbs to fuse into Seven Treasures Glazed Ginseng and cured the two brothers.

Everyone saw how badly Zeke and Zenoah had been tortured by Miles. They would not be able to get out of bed for at least a few years. In the end, they became lively after one night, proving that what Watson had done was true.

These farmers had never read a book, nor did they have much knowledge. They only knew that they could eat meat by following a powerful boss. Watson's methods were so magical that he could be considered the most powerful person they had ever seen, they might be able to see more magical things by following him. Unfortunately, Watson only wanted six people, and Allen—who wanted to go with them—was rejected.

After watching Watson and the others leave, Allen sighed with envy and jealousy. He turned his head and looked at a guard behind him. "Come out, Nelssus."

"Captain, why are you looking for me?"

The guard named Nelssus had a puzzled look on his face.

"From today onwards, you are no longer a guard of the manor. Go and stay in the dungeon by yourself. You are not allowed to come out without my permission." Allen's cold words made Nelssus turn pale with fright. "Captain, what did I do wrong? Why did you do this to me?"

"Miles had people torture Lord Watson's two elder brothers. You were the one in charge of interrogating them, right? Don't think that I don't know about that! Although Lord Watson was merciful and did not care about this matter, as subordinates, we have to share the worries of our superiors. Let me ask you, do you want to go alone, or do you want me to break your legs and send you to the dungeon?"

A powerful aura erupted from Allen's body. The other guards around him also looked coldly at nelsus and held the hilt of their swords by their waists. Although they had only been together for one day, they no longer treated Watson as a child, nor as an enemy, as an enemy would not pay them ten times their salary.

Watson was no enemy; he was their benefactor.

"I, I'll go."

Seeing that all those people had all been bought over by Watson, Nelssus could only grit his teeth and leave dejectedly. In his heart, he thought of the women in Allen's family. It was too spiteful of Allen to hold such a small matter against him.

Then, he sighed. Everyone was afraid of Watson and wanted to curry favor with him, including Nelssus. Compared to Allen however, he hated Miles more. Everyone else was receiving rewards, but he was the only one being punished. If it were not for Miles, he would not have been that unlucky.

So when he walked to the entrance of the dungeon and saw Miles' smelly body—which no one bothered to deal with—on the ground, he walked up and gave the corpse a fierce kick before spitting on it. "Ptoo! You evil, evil, evil incarnation. It's all your fault. Why didn't you die earlier?"

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