1 Where it all began

I scramble through my papers desperate to look at my test scores. Math 100%, Reading 100%,Writing 150%. I sighed in relief, my extra credit for writing counted. I started to cross the street and I passed by a man with a hood. A second later I felt my body collapse and my conscious slip as my eyes fluttered shut. After a long sleep, I felt my body unable to move properly, I opened my eyes. I was aching all over had I been beat up? My vision was blurry and I could not see anything properly. But when I could my mouth hung open and I asked myself, What is going on? There were people gathered around me and they were waving gold coins all eagerly looking at the hooded man. I tried to stand up to get out of the way when the man exclaimed, "Look at this young promising witch any one can go above 100 gold pieces!" I was astonished when the man looked down at me. Was I being sold as a witch I know no magic nor do witches even exist. I looked around at the people around me and noticed that they were not normal. Some had cat ears, some had tales. But they were all parts of animals, some animals I could recognize and some I could not. The grass below me was so green I couldn't help but ask myself, Am I in another world? This was irrational, how can there be another world and if there is, how did I get here so fast? It would take a rocket ship and this place is outside of the solar system for sure. How would I get here so fast without waking up or eating food? The only part that made sense is that no beings like this existed on earth. A tall man with brown hair and blue eyes stepped out of the crowd and demanded.

"150 gold for the girl." The crowd went silent and the hooded man cheered

"You got yourself a deal Mr …"

"Charlie" the man said as he tossed a sack at the hooded man "Mr. Charlie" Mr. Charlie made his way over here and picked me up. I tried to resist but he was way too strong for me to deal with on my own. I tried to say something but no words came out. Was I scared? Mr. Charlie walked out of the crowd and into the open plane of grass and sitting there was a pegasus. It was beautiful, it was pure white and the mane looked so fine and smooth that I would not be able to hold it properly. The pegasus looked at me with it's brown eyes that felt like it penetrated my soul. I wish I had eyes like hers. They were so pretty. He got on the pegasus and whispered some indistinct words and the pegasus took off into the sky. Flying was the best feeling I have ever had in my life, I tried to keep a straight face as watching us gain height and speed over the field. Mr. Charlie looked down at me and exclaimed,"You probably have no idea what is going on. Don't worry we are not all like those people they were doing things against the rules of the high court. Most of us are rule abiding people." I was too confused to really say anything all I want is to be put back in my world where things made sense. But for now all I could do was wait and gather information about the situation I was in. I tried to make a small noise and wiggle my toes both were achievable. I tried whispering a word and I did it.  

"Why am I here?" I demanded trying my best to sound intimidating. He looked down at me with interest.

"You are here because you are a witch and lots of night creatures would love to use your magic for defeating the Evergreen dragon." Mr.Charlie answered confidently. When he said the Evergreen dragon I mentally freaked out. Why does a dragon in this world has the same name as me?

"Who is the Evergreen dragon?" I asked, Mr. Charlie chuckled as if I were a nonchalaunt child.

"He is the ruler of all dragons who blames this world for the loss of the child that he had with a witch named Selina. He threatens to burn down the world daily and wants to kill everyone on the planet." I did not know what to say. That is so sad that I almost felt that the dragon was doing the right thing by destroying the planet.

"What actually happened to the baby dragon? Do you think it is still alive?" I inquired,

"We do not know what happened to the baby dragon but we are almost positive it is dead." Mr. Charlie said sadly. I felt for the Dragon and his wife losing a kid is probably like losing a parent. I was about to ask a question about the mother when the pegasus started to descend closer to this old style but pretty and big castle. It was made out of stone and there were at least 15 rooms and there was one giant room that was like ten times bigger than all the other rooms. "Welcome to my house I want to show you around. You will be living here from now on." I looked at him. I really did not want to live with a complete stranger but where else would I go. "There are two other kids here about your age but a little bit older than you. They will be very happy to know that another kid has joined us!" That comforted me a little bit but why would they like me nobody ever liked me so what are the chances that they will.

"O...kay." I stammered, walking alongside him to the wooden doors.

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