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Sophie was wearing a short red skirt with fishnet stocking.Youcould just see the black suspender poking out beneath it.Her black shirt was unbuttoned to reveal the biggest breasts I’ve ever seen,which were pressed into Marsha’s chest.Sophie’s hand came down to squeeze one of Marsha’s cheeks but she slapped her hand away.

Marsha was a stunningly beautiful black woman.Tall with strongthighs and long,curly black hair,her eyes flashed as her red painted mouth nearly touched Sophie’s lips.With a quick flickSophie tore the towel from her waist and Marsha stood there naked,her beautiful ebony titties with their dark brown areolas begging to be touched.

“Hmm,nice,”Sophie said,fondling them.

“Come on,”Marsha said,“follow me.”

Marsha led the way into the bedroom.She’d set up the room withcandles and soft lighting.She pushed Sophie towards the armchair and handed her a cognac.Marsha came towards me and kissed me full on the mouth,her hands pulling up my negligee toexpose my arse cheeks;my tiny g-string covered practically nothing.A quick slap on my bare cheek and I was all hers.

I pushed my body into her pelvis and her hands slipped my negligee from my shoulders.It fell slowly in a silken heap on the floor.I kicked it away,left in only my g-string.

Her dark hands roamed over my body as she walked around me.Standing behind me,she lifted my breasts as though weighing them in her hands before dropping them.Her fingers ran down into the front of my panties.Sophie gasped as Marsha flipped the fabric down and grabbed at my slit.I swayed back against her,eyeing Sophie at the same time.She was licking her lips,probably desperate to see her go down on me,or maybe get her mouth on those breasts.She loved breasts,the bigger the better,which is one of the reasons I picked Sophie out of the catalogue.

Marsha knelt on the floor in front of me,licking at my belly button while her fingers played with the material of the crotch.In a split second she ripped them from me,leaving me tostand naked before her.


I’d read this story so many times I knew it all by heart.It didn’t turn me on any more.I only had limited magazines and two movies,all of which I’d devoured my first week here,and now I was bored.

Life was becoming kind of tedious.I was house sitting for a teacher friend I knew.Louise was in Europe with her husband and kids.He’d been transferred to Germany and,as the companyhad offices all over the world,it was up to him to show them allwhat they had discovered,so after Germany he’d be lecturing throughout Europe.

He was a scientist working on a breakthrough in cancer researchand had quite a dynamic personality.I was in awe of him,their lifestyle,and their complete family unit.The thought of seeing all of Europe while he worked made me envious and I was determined that one day I too would travel the world,but for now I was to stay put.

I used to babysit their children when they were small so they knew I was trustworthy.I didn’t have to pay for anything and getting away from my parents was just what I needed.I was studying Languages at University and having the house to myselfI thought was a dream come true,but slowly the monotony of everyday life became almost overwhelming.

I was five months into my stay when I noticed they had new neighbors moving in;a mother with her two sons.Both boys were in their early twenties,polite,and worked hard helping to support their mum.They were hardly ever there,but she was home most days.I caught her gardening one day and introduced myself.She’s very nice,almost sweet.Her name’s Cynthia.She’s the sort of mum you’d always want as your own,easy to talk to and you could tell how much she was respected by her boys.

We chatted for a while and I found out her husband passed away about fifteen years earlier.He’d had a massive heart attack.They hadn’t been prepared for it and the boys left school when they could,against her wishes,to help out as their financial situation had been appalling.

I couldn’t understand how he’d left them so destitute and whyshe’d never remarried.I’d asked her that and she shied away from answering,saying she wasn’t interested in men anymore and even laughing about it.

My heart went out to her and the boys.My parents had always prided themselves on making sure they had insurance policies sowe wouldn’t have to pick up the pieces when they went.

Anyway,I digress.

Since that comment about not being interested in men,I’ve found myself becoming obsessed with her.I sit by the window waiting for her to come out,and sometimes,at night,when it’s late and I know her boys aren’t home,I hide in the shadows around their house and spy on her.

With a break at University I had all the time in the world.I stopped studying and began spying on her every chance I got.It got to the point where I dreamed of her in my sleep.I was totally infatuated with her.

At first I thought she was sweet,but in reality she’s stunning.Her goodness and inner being show through,making herirresistible.She must be in her late forties but she’s got a better figure than a lot of women half her age,and I should know.I’ve gotten to seeing a lot of her lately;catching glimpses of her walking from room to room at night in her skimpyunderwear,putting out the garbage in her pajamas early some mornings,and one day I was rewarded when her skirt blew up as she bent over to retrieve the shopping from the boot.

She was wearing a little thong and she sure has one sexy butt,I can tell you.Every time I’d catch glimpses of her like this I’d find my heart skipping a beat.I knew I was becoming infatuated and there was nothing I wanted to do to stop it.

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