My Final Kiss For You


   The warmth of that day that we were in love. I know that I couldn't deny these feelings anymore.    I want to run away from it—

   I don't want to leave but I have to...  Even though I know that I will never able to return again.


   The Salvatierra Clan is a family of exorcists. The Salvatierra's are a renowned clan of exorcising different kinds of evil apparitions and supernaturals around the time their ancestors were still alive. Now in the modern days - that means the present - only a few knows the real background behind the wealthy and elegant-looking family.

    Kamil Salvatierra. In a young age of 17, he's already the top exorcist in their family clan. He is a very perceptive individual, as he is able to easily see supernatural happenings and identify them. A natural gift from their clan's bloodline.

   Strength, physique, skills, intelligence and looks - he excels in all of them.    Kamil is usually calm and collected, not to mention reliable, he's well-liked by his peers.

   He's really handsome and kind-hearted: the school's Prince Charming. His kind and cool personality attracts not only girls of his age, but also boys.  But despite the seemingly kind personality, he is also can be sadistic and harsh. Specifically, towards a supernatural. When exorcising, he doesn't show any mercy; believing that all supernatural are all evil beings and should be exorcised. Though there seem to be exemptions...


   "It was only fate, not destined..."


Kamil Salvatierra. One of the top young exorcist in his family clan at the age of 17. He believed in the saying that all supernaturals are evil and should be exorcised.

He will never have seconds thoughts with his decision in exorcising a supernatural. He vowed that will never show his soft side to those disgusting and evil creatures that are called supernaturals.

Or so he thought...

Kamil's point of view changed when he encountered a certain apparition who somehow melted his cold heart and changed his judgement towards the supernaturals.

When did he became soft? Specifically towards those creatures...

It was all that apparition's doings! ...Yet, why doesn't he feel bloodlust towards that certain apparition?

He's feeling... all fuzzy and warm instead whenever he's with that apparition. How ironic.

Kamil knew that this was wrong... Impossible... Absolutely cannot be...

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But... When he thinks it that way – why does his chest hurts and feel stuffy?

"We were only fated to meet, but we're not destined to be together..."

Date Started: 01-15-20

Date Published: 02-14-20

Chapter edited on: 02-24-20

Genre: General Fiction, Teen Fiction

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