My Fiercy Bodyguard! Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

My Fiercy Bodyguard!


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He met her when she was kicked out by her cousin because of their argument but she was least bothered by her cousin's temper but rather was about her problem for not having a place to stay. He offered her a place and in return, she agreed to be his bodyguard. He thought of her as a meek and timid girl but he didn't know that he would soon be regretting thinking that. Austin the current Ceo of Clark Tech and talent was the face he showed to everyone but he has a hidden identity that was known to very few people. Emma was a simple girl who was struggling with her life but she didn't know that one day with the help of her loved one she can achieve what she aspired and unveil the truth of her past. "Who were you talking to," asked Austin in a neutral tone "Oh that was my best friend, he is coming back after a long time in the country so I wish to visit him this afternoon. May I go, sir." Emma asked in a hesitating tone I didn't like her asking me permission to meet her so-called MALE best friend, even though I didn't know why. "No I have an important meeting to attend and you have to follow me," I said rather sternly. "Okay, sir" was heard from her in a dejected voice. And in the afternoon in a calm voice, Austin told her that the IMPORTANT meeting was canceled which left Emma baffled.


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