38 Thought Process of an Old Daddy

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"The cabinet will issue corresponding orders after the Northern Tiger King agrees.

"At that time, there would be public opinions and promotions of the Tiger King as a friend of China.

"You have to study the corresponding plan."

After he finished speaking, Chen Jianguo sighed softly and continued: "Thanks for your hard work. We have too few true essence realm achievers in our country, and there are even fewer suitable to be in contact with the Tiger King."

"Old Chen, always be prepared," Li Tong said firmly immediately.

From the beginning, he knew why he had chosen Li Tong as the messenger.

Contact with this Northern Tiger King was the first step in establishing a friendly relationship between China and other species on this land.

Of course, some species were not counted since they were originally good friends of China.

The matter was very important. To a certain extent, this Northern Tiger King was likely to be the first real powerhouse in China.

When having face-to-face contact, the messenger's identity, status, and strength could not be weaker than the Tiger King.

He was the best candidate after combining everything.

That was how a dignified general, who was naturally talented and was a part of the first batch of people in China to break through to the second realm, became a diplomat.

In fact, he didn't think anything of it, and he was even quite satisfied with the job because, in the future—as the animals became stronger, this position would definitely become more important.

For example, Old Chen was personally in charge of facing the alternate world, and the leaders were always paying attention.

If the strength of these animal races reached that of the alternate world, things could be very different.

Of course, he really did not hope for that day to come.

Hanging up the phone, Li Tong closed his eyes and pondered, summing up everything in the meeting just now and looking for any deficiencies in his performance.

At the entrance of his home…

Wang Hu, who was forcibly driven away by Di Baijun, stood not far away, looking at the silly girl's clumsy operation somewhat speechlessly.

However, she seemed to think that she was doing a great job, experimenting with the various uses of the mobile phone and softwares one by one.

He watched it for a while before turning his head away from it, in case he couldn't help but comment again.

His thoughts gradually calmed down, carefully sorting out the information that the silly girl gave him.

Qin, Han, Tang…

The era of severance!

These were things that he didn't know before, but thinking about it now, it really felt weird.

Could he have transmigrated to many years after?

That was impossible; there weren't many changes to the other countries.

After much deliberation, he could only make a preliminary guess that this was a parallel world.

He did not think too much; these were not what he could explore now.

The sorting was almost done after a while. The person whose memory the silly girl read was obviously of someone who had just awakened his spiritual power.

There had been no news about humans for more than a year, and they still needed to use mobile phones to investigate.

A few days later, Wang Hu had already obtained information on the things he wanted to know through the internet.

There were some strange things such as the tomb of Zhang Dingguo.

There were some surprises in China's shocking achievements in less than two years since the awakening of spiritual power.

Plenty of True Qi First Realm and True Essence Second Realm had appeared.

The schools were officially starting cultivation.

Thinking about the more than two billion population of China, Wang Hu would not help but admire them.

What was more, there were more than 10 billion people in the world if they were to add the population from the rest of the countries.

With more than 10 billion in numbers and their wisdom, it was no wonder that—while many passages to other worlds had appeared in this world—they were still firmly controlled by humans in this world.

For now, the strength of mankind was absolutely unfathomable.

Awooo, awooo~!

"Daddy, Daddy, it's not moving. Hurry up."

"Daddy, hurry up."

Wang Hu was practicing and suddenly the two little guys' anxious voices rang.

The corner of Wang Hu's eyes twitched, suddenly regretting something; but he still responded and walked over.

There, the special mobile phone leaned on the mountain wall with a few pink animated pigs on the screen.

In front of the phone, two little guys were sitting side by side, with big eyes full of expectation, urging Wang Hu.

Wang Hu curled his lips, a little helplessly and roared softly.


"Why did you touch it again?"

Big Treasure and Little Treasure immediately cried out in aggravation.


"Big brother touched it. Little Treasure didn't do it."


"Big Treasure touched it accidentally."

Wang Hu sighed helplessly, stretching out his tiger's palm, and pressed the pause button.

The screen moved immediately.


"Remember, don't get closer. Do you hear?"



The two little guys were immediately fascinated by the screen before replying to him casually. Wang Hu glared and walked back to continue his cultivation.

He had a sudden thought in his mind. Could China give them this phone to assimilate his family?

In the past few days, the silly girl played on the mobile phone for about an hour every day. Other than surfing the internet, she had learned to play games. Fortunately, she controlled herself very well and did not delay her cultivation.

The two little guys were completely obsessed after showing them animation. They would kick up a fuss to watch all the time.

Wang Hu felt that the two little guys had nothing to do. It wasn't harmful to the body, and it might not be a bad idea to be in touch with more things… so he agreed.

Their childhood was too monotonous anyway.

However, he didn't really want to see this scene of them being so obsessed like they were now.

Perhaps that was the thought process of an Old Daddy.

He did not like it that the two little guys grew too addicted to something and ignored him. They only remembered him when they wanted to change channels and had problems that needed solving.

Two completely heartless bastards…

He then had the answer in his heart after thinking for a while.

China gave him this mobile phone to allow him to find all sorts of information about humans to understand China's situation.

It would give their family a more favorable impression of the country even if it did not assimilate them.

When the family learned how to surf the Internet, play games, and play various entertainment measures; they may even be obsessed with the cuisine of China.

How could they not have a good impression of China then?

It was that kind of cultural invasion, influence, and honesty… that Wang Hu could not say anything.

However, in fact, the impact was not too great. He used to be a human, and he had been tempered all the way to what he was currently… which was why he could naturally resist these.

The silly girl was uncommon and was a little unimaginable. She could control herself even if she liked it.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure, on the other hand, were too small. There was no need to even think.

No matter how they thought, their strength was definitely no better than their father and their mother. They couldn't overturn anything and could only listen obediently since they were children.

Moreover, there was still the most important point.

Giving Big Treasure and Little Treasure a more favorable impression of China might not be bad.

If one day, he and the silly girl were gone.

They might still be able to survive by relying on China since they were still too young.

Messy thoughts flashed through, and Wang Hu laughed at himself.

He really became melancholic just like that.

Didn't he just become a Dad? He really thought too much.

With his talent, plug-in, and awesome wife; he did not live that he could not survive no matter how chaotic this world became.

He glanced at the two carefree guys and continued to cultivate.

Time passed by, and in the blink of an eye, the one-month deadline arrived.

Li Tong arrived again in a helicopter.

He jumped off and walked towards Wang Hu.

"Your Excellency, Tiger King, we've met again. I wonder what Your Excellency, Tiger King's decision is," Li Tong said with a smile.

Wang Hu spoke calmly without emotion.


"The agreement is fine."

Li Tong's smile grew wider, and the next moment, the voice of the Northern Tiger King continued to ring.


"However, I want to ask… what if my tiger clan is being harmed by humans?"

Wang Hu asked in a thick voice. This point was brought across by the silly girl, which was also what he wanted to ask.

He was a tiger in this lifetime, and the tiger clan was his foundation. He might not feel it that way now, but it must be considered for the future.

Li Tong's expression became more solemn as if he had already anticipated the question. He smiled and said, "Your Excellency, Tiger King, I am afraid you still don't know that tigers are protected animals in our country. It is strictly forbidden for humans in our country to harm tigers. It is illegal here.

"Moreover, for the continuation of the tiger clan, our country has established zoos and ecological parks which support thousands in the tiger clan. These can all be seen on mobile phones.

"As long as the Tigers don't harm our people, we will never harm them.

"Of course, we can only shoot them down if they were to initiate the attack. Please understand, Your Excellency, Tiger King."

Wang Hu pondered for a moment and spoke.


"Reasonable. If I see humans hurting my tiger clan first, I will also take action."

Li Tong did not hesitate. He nodded. "Yes, sure."


"I have one final question."

"Pray continue, Your Excellency, Tiger King." Li Tong stretched out his hand in a welcoming gesture.

Wang Hu looked solemnly and roared lightly.


"What would you do if we have conflicts and hatred with human beings from other countries?"

Li Tong frowned slightly and said in deep thought: "The agreement between our country and Your Excellency, Tiger King… only involved our country, and the conflict and hatred between Your Excellency, Tiger King and other countries have nothing to do with ours.

"Our country will not help Your Excellency, Tiger King against other countries or other tribes, but we will also never help other countries or other species.

"In addition, our country prohibits foreign forces from entering.

"As long as Your Excellency, Tiger King is in our country, no human from other countries can enter with the use of force."

The last two sentences were spoken extremely confidently. This was the pride of being one of the world's two superpowers.

They would absolutely prohibit the other countries from entering their territory by force.

It did not mean to say it was naked asylum since the other countries would know what had transpired between them in the future.


"Okay, I'll agree with you."

Wang Hu no longer hesitated and agreed directly.

Li Tong smiled sincerely and nodded.

"Your Excellency, Tiger King, from now on, your family will be our distinguished guest and good friend. I hope we can live together peacefully forever and maintain this friendship."


"I hope so, too."

Wang Hu replied.

"Okay, then, I won't bother Your Excellency, Tiger King's family too much. We will soon demarcate an area with a radius of 100 miles. You can contact me on your mobile phone at any time if you need anything.

"We will also station a squad of fighters a hundred miles to the south. People are strictly forbidden to enter, and we can also solve some trivial matters for Your Excellency, Tiger King."

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