1 Just Coincidence


The door opens as a young man came inside a small store of books. It was dusty and full of webs with books on shelves that are still in plastic wraps avoiding damage.

"Haaa..... Is this life?" He said looking somewhat depressed. Henry Karlos, a graduate of business management from a city college. As soon as he graduated, his remaining guardian, Francis Karlos. His father died in a car accident.

A freshman with no background and experience. He can't find a decent job that won't exploit him before being kicked out. It has been a year since his father died and just this day he gave up living in the city and came back to his province and take care of his father's bookstore.

"What the hell is this? Can dust pile up in the mountain? That's new!" Henry started cleaning up the store before going toward the backdoor leading toward the second floor his residential area.

"Haaa! Cleaning surely is more tiresome than doing jobs." Henry said while drinking a cola passerby look over the store as dust particles fly out making people frown when then pass through.

'Cleaning Skill Level up!! hahaha!'

"Hmmm... I need to install alarms and grills. Two fire extinguishers and maybe a gun. Mmm... Nope, I learned arnis so better use that for self-defense and I won't have to worry in questioning." Henry brainstorms but he didn't think about the state of his business.

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He slowly walks toward the staircase to investigate the sound. Wrapped around his fist is a thin chain.

'I hope no wild pokemon jumps out!'

"Step out if you don't want to get hurt!! I'm telling you! I have a gun!" Henry threatened as his knees tremble in nervousness.

He stops just before the door leading toward the basement.


[11:59:58 AM]

He didn't know a second split decision will give him PTSD.

He jumps forward with a frontal kick that blows the door opened but when he did it he crossed the border between his ground floor and the underground basement.

The dark staircase suddenly blurred and like a mirage, it changes to a dimly lit basement with a creepy small voice.

"Kekeke... See this!! I have a bar of gold!" A small voice of a manic critter came from inside. Henry stops in shock and tried to retreat but when he looks back the place behind him is like his own house but the entire place is filled with dust and in ruins.

"Whatta!!! Is this a prank?!" Henry unconsciously yelled and scrambling came from below. He then flung toward the wall and lose consciousness.

'Please no!! Is this the intro!?'

"Oi!! Oi!! What did you do!?" A six-inch man said while standing over Henry's chest. He was wearing red clothing with a cone hat.

"S-so-sorryy!!! I panicked!! It isn't my fault!!" Then answered by a trembling green six-inch man who has great depression washing over his body as he holds a small dark green stick that has a flowing glow of green on it.

"Hahaha!! A human! We are lucky this time! Quick tie him up!! I'm gonna get a contract with him and let him steal me some gold!!" Yelled by another six-inch man wearing a black robe and hood with a small floating apparition beside him.

Henry was then floating up with a flick of the black gnome. They tied him on the wall with vines they grow using their hand flick.

Henry then grudgingly wakes up and shakes his head hard then he tried to stand up but felt the restraints on him and started to struggle but he didn't scream but keep a smile on his face that resembles a maniac.

'what luck is this!!'

"Uuhhh... Do you think he has any injuries? Like mental injuries?" The green gnome asks as he started to tremble again keeping his stick pointed at Henry.

"Sshh!! Keep it away!!" The black gnome shouted at the green. He walks toward Henry.

"Greetings Human!! I am Harbek black! I ask why are you here in Netherworld?" Harbek as he called himself floats at the eye level of Henry.

"Can you let me go now? I just want a relaxi-"

"Hohoho! No, my friend, you don't have to lie on us. We know it when you speak the truth and false. I know you wanted an exciting life! I offer you our world! In exchange is our contract!" A golden gnome walks out of them from the group of gnomes in varied clothes.

"Tsskk... This kleptomaniac trying to trick again." Harbek said it with disgust and irritation clearly on his tone.

"What is this contract thing? What world?! Can I still go back!?" Henry started to panic and the ideas of him being forever stuck with these gnomes make his head burst in pain.

'It's like I'm picking between light and dark side!!'

"We gnomes are beings of Netherworld, the world between the Mortal world and other dimensions. You, humans, are too weak to be in this world so a contract must be signed that will make us give you ma-" even before the Gold gnome finish his words Henry interrupted him.

"Harbek right? What will you get in exchange?" Henry asks as tears run down on his eyes but if you ignore his expression you will see his rational move 'Stranger Danger'.

"Kekekeke!! Sure! I, Harbek of Black will give you a sliver of black magic to awaken yours in exchange of *cough....*" he stops and floats beside him that his words will not be heard by anyone.

"I want you to search for me a wife. I'm reaching my impotence period. This is all I wish my friend that disgusting man hiding his pervertedness already got a harem of his own and will always spread things bad about me. Using his gold and stones... Help me please!!!" He begs Henry but on the outside, he remains proud and strong as his voice squeak for help.

"*Cough!* If you can bring me back to my home then I will accept your offer," Henry said as soon as he tells that Harbek burns the vines binding him and extract a drop of blood from his forehead.

"Tsk... It won't matter if you get one contract. I have 5 existing ones and this is your first." Gold Gnome left with the others that have disappointed faces.

'Fuck! my first enemy boss!!'

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