1 My rapunzel an moana dream

I always sat by my window hoping that my dreamy prince will come and take me to the ocean where we can sit and talk and watch the sunrise and before the sunset sets a true loves kiss will make our love last forever but frankly thats just one of my day dream fantasies but since ur still reading hi im rosabelle and im 13 years old i dont really have that much friends but i dont really care cause i have my bestfriend miracle by my side we have our arguments but we stick together but one thing she dont approve on is my fantasy thoughts i mean come on who wouldnt dream of there prince or princess coming to save them. me i get locked in my room most of the time cause of my adopted mom i really want to go to the beach but mom says its to dangerous i know what ur thinking really the beach rosabelle how lame are you but i like the water the fresh air the sunset and what i really love is dreaming of going there with that one special person i know im a fantasy geek but wouldn't you love it. i also love to draw and think about it at the beach with the one you love while drawing ur lovers face watching the sunset eeeek just the thought of it makes me shake in my boots i always imagined this thought as the keeper of all fantasies cause i always think of this thought even when im in school thats probaly the reason why i fail almost every subject in school but i know theres this one guy in school his name is alex hes soooo cut hes a nerd but everyone fusses over him he's smart and cool and really kind where friends actually but i really cant hang out with him cause when ever i do girls make a big deal and bully me so you know i have to keep my distance one thing i do thats semi creepy is i draw sketches of him when hes not looking. i know i know i sound like a creep but if your an artist why not make your skills useful and draw ur crushes so when your home you can day dream or fancies about them but in miracles opinion im a complete creep and i should chill out on the sketches but in my defense i only have 100 sketches of him i mean come on thats not enough people....ooooooook now i see where the creep part comes in but i have to goooo.....soo i will fill u in on some of my fantasies later ba bye