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When I woke up sis told me that mom and dad were already gone for a quest and it might take them few days. On the meantime she told me about various things like joining a guild. Mom and dad were in Scavengers guild and sis is in backfire guild.

In a guild there are trainee - who are newly awakened and they are yought various things. Then there are members - they take normal quests and focus on earning. Then there are elites - who only take elite quests. And on the top is guild master.

There were various other races who co-exist with our races like monster races- they were a plant or animal who had got magic power from any kind of races or have taken root on soil filled with magic energy or mana. After hundreds of year they face a tribulation and transcend to being a pant or animal with life- it can talk, walk and do other things. After reaching crystal league they obtain the power to turn into human.

There are some demon races too who co-exsit with us. Aside them are magicians and cultivators. Normal people are here too.. now to cultivate your body you are provided with various recourses from the guild you join. With help of those techniques your body can further strengthen.

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There are 7 stages - bronze stage, iron stage, silver stage, golden stage, crystal stage, diamond stage, Titan stage.

Then in bronze stage you have to open your apertures - heart aperture, ear aperture, mouth aperture, eyes aperture and nose aperture. After opening the heart aperture your body will be filled with impure dragon qi. After opening all these aperture you'll have to face your tribulation and jump through dragon gate.

After that your body will recive true dragon qi and you will reach iron stage where you have to fill you dantians with true dragon qi. There are three dantians - lower dantian, middle dantian, upper dantian. After that you'll face the fire tribulation.

After that is the third- silver stage. In this stage all your true dragon qi will reach the four mysterious meridian of the body. You have to fill your meridian with true qi. After entering the meridian it will transform into true yuan.

"This much should be enough for you. It'll almost take you a few 100 years to reach the the golden stage and advance further." She said while passing me a paper.

"These are the name of few guilds I picked up for you check them out. I'll be going out to complete some quests" she said and left.

I looked at the paper. it was actually a ranking of powerful guilds - 2.Scavengers guild 3.Backfire guild 4. Pegasus guild and so on...I looked at the top 1. Night hunters guild. The name was quite cool. 'ting ting~' just as I was going to message my sis and tell her that I'm going to choose this guild I got her message.

'Looks like I won't be able to come for few days but don't worry when you reach Skypiea you'll meet a girl named Aisa- she has just left a guild and is going to join a guild tomorrow. I've asked her and she said that she'll bring you to the guild you choose. bye bye~'

I swear to god...this girl! well okay anyways this is a good opportunity for me to use this magic ring. "Let's see, how does this work? is there a spell?" I looked at the ring and then just for fun I pressed and the pearl embedded on it. And it actually worked!

'then something like a window screen opened up in front of me and on talk of written - voice recognization' what kind of joke is this?! voice recogniztion? Isn't it supposed to be magic? why is it so hi-tech? Well, Chris did say that doing things like that consumed a lot of magic but this is too much...

Well I 'touched' the screen. It showed - 'Choose a permanent word to enter the magic land - Skypiea' below it were two options - 'yes' or 'later'. 'hmm let's see what can I choose?' after thinking for a few minutes I decided on this one- "Appear" it was a simple so I choosed it.

After that it showed a 'okay' and disappeared. To try it I said it out loud "APPEAR" and in the next moment I was in the magic land - Skypiea. It actually worked! I looked around that I'm- in- heaven feeling was truly amazing.

I opened my mobile screen and scrolled down. "let's see...sis should have sent me that girl Aisa's contact...oh here it is!" I clicked o t number and dialed it. It was picked up in few moments. From the other side a lousy voice of girl came "hello~ Aisa here" "oh hello Aisa I'm Alex. My sis should have told you about me"

"oh yeah sis Chris did say...I'm coming wait a min" "okay" after that the call was concluded.

"woosh~" a girl with pearl white skin appeared out of thin air in front of me. "Are you Alex?" she said while looking at me. Oh god she is so cute! her hoodies were a bit oversized and she was wearing shorts. Her two piggy tails looked so cute on her and those big blue watery eyes. Aah! I'm going to adopt her! "hello I'm Alex." I tried my best to not show the excitement. "oh hello Alex!" she said cheerfully. God! she is so cute! I wanna adopt her! "shall we go?" she asked me "where to?" I asked - a bit confused.

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