2 Awakening part - 2

I put my hand on that square and closed my eyes and felt my conscience being dragged to a strange place. It was like a universe with stars and various different coloured planets. They were all revolving around a very big golden shining planet. It almost looked like the planets in solar system revolving around the sun.

Then I felt a strange a attraction coming from red planet. my conscience was dragged into it. I saw red beams all around me but suddenly after the red beam there was one more it was shining yellow...it was quite dim than that shining planet though.

After passing through it turned all black. It was strange, they said you'll come back after passing through the light, what the hell is happening?! wait....maybe this is the exit? oh yeah! it makes sense! after few minutes I came back to that huge stadium, the only difference was they were so small...what happened did someone cast a big-to-small type of magic?

Wait! no it's not them whose small, it's me who got big! "haha looks like your son also has a double attributes like you Sam" the old man said while laughing.

hmm..double attributes? like how my dad is fire and poison? I had gone through red and golden...so am I fire and healing type? "let me show you young man" the old man said while caressing his beard. Is that the great mind reading technique mentioned in legends? If it is then it's going to be a bit embarrassing to have someone read my mind.

"it's not mind reading, it's a power which you get after you've cultivated you're dragon body to a very high level" he said while doing something with a stick...more like a witch's wand. he then turned back and looked at me.

"so I can use that type of techniques too?" I asked and bit excitement could be seen in my voice. After all mind reading technique is dream of every child..."haha you can't reach this power easily...it'll take you ten no 100 of thousands years" the old man said while laughing "I can't even live that long" I said. of course I can't a normal human can live at most 60-70 years. "well we aren't normal humans are we? when you grow a step in your cultivation your life span is also increased" he waved the wand at me and a big mirror like thing appeared out of thin air.

Large scales, big claws and huge wings appeared- a red and golden dragon. Yes! that's exactly a what we call a dragon! oh my god! I'm a dragon! it's like a dream come true!

"Lighting and fire" the old man said. "whoo-hoo this lil boy got lightning? that's a rare one!" my sis said admiring my dragon body. "now time to turn back normal" mom daid smiling at me. "how? I don't know how to? is there a spell? a magic wand?" I asked hurriedly "you think too much! do you know how much dragon energy doing that takes?" my sis laughed

"Stand here adjust yourself after that I'll press the button - this place collects all the magic power which you release and later with the help of that stored power you can turn normal" she explained and I silently nodded. "open your wings and flap them" my dad said. "how? like this?" I said while opening my wings and tried to flap them like I've seen birds flying "you're a idiot" my sis laughed at me. I swear to god, she annoys me to no end!

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"put some pressure on the end then the push back with the help of the wind you'll be able to fly" my mom explained and I did the same but I crashed after few meters "not bad! for a beginner you did well" the old man said in admiration. After that my sis pressed the button and I felt as if the energy inside of me is being compressed by a simillar energy.

After I turned back to normal they gave me a ring embedded with a green jade. with the help of that crystal I can go into that place whenever I wish. We also had to join a guild and do quests to earn dragon stones. There were various types of dragon stones.

Those calls my parents got every now and then and left immediately after that were from these guilds.

I came back home laid on my bed and processed everything that happened today. It was like a dream...a dream within a dream. My body was aching all over. Soon I fell I to a deep slumber.

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