1 Awakening part - 1

"Happy birthday lil boy~"

"whom are you calling little you old hag?!" "aww you're so mean"

This girl gets on my nerve. thinking I ran to my room to open all my gifts. yes, I'm Alex Gilbert and today I turned 18. You know I was really waiting for this day because no I can finally I can get my driver's license and take Anna on a long drive. I was really happy totally unaware for what was waiting ahead for me...

"Alex! Alex! baby come out mom and dad want to show you something" When my mum shouted from outside I was a bit confused...I mean they've already gifted me a bike for which I'm really grateful.

My mom works as a lecturer in the University..

"coming!" I said and jumped of my bed to open the door. When I opened the door I saw my dad and mom standing witha kind smiling expression it almost felt as if something bad happened and they're trying to comfort me.

I made an expression as if I've realised something. "Did something happen to my bike?!" I shouted ready to rush over to where my bike was "No no no baby you're bike is totally safe" my mom said maintaining that

it's-ok-I'm- here posture. "Then what is it?" I said while a feeling of uneasiness started to build up in me.

"We're going for your awakening!" from behind I heard the excited voice of sister- Christina. It's not like I hate her or something, it's that she really knows how to get on my nerves.

Actually if we ignore me calling her an old hag she's actually very young and have a perfect figure. A kind which every boy desires.

"Shut up with your crap!" I yelled at her "aww Alexi you're a meanie" she said making a very cute expression but to tell you the truth I really hated it. "Alex she's right" my mom and her posture didn't change, body even an inch.

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"Mom?" I can't belive my ears. She's supporting the crap that came out from Chris's mouth? "There's no time to explain let's just go there. When you see it with your own eyes you believe it" my dad who was quite this whole time said with a serious expression.

I was totally confused ability what was going on. I didn't notice when my sister held my hand and with a 'yahoo~" made me jump together with her from the balcony. it's not like I didn't resist. Of course I resisted! who would like to jump from the third floor of their home? that too on their birthday?

All the events of my life started come in front of my eyes- oh I still haven't gone to see Anna for her exams, I haven't even took hyer on my bike. Regrets started to flood in my mind. Wait...I was falling right? why haven't I still touched mother Earth?

I reluctantly opened my eyes and what appeared before my eyes amazed me to the core. I saw a green grassland, waterfalls, small and big houses it felt as heaven. wait! heaven?! oh god don't tell me I'm in heaven!!

"no how could that be I've never done anything to deserve death! and this was insane how could I die because of my sister!" I shouted none ready in the least to accept my death

"Relax idiot you're still alive" I heard my sister's voice and my parents giggles. Only then did I notice that I've been hung on a claw of dragon! yes it was literally a dragon. A big yellow dragon with large scales flapping its wings. It made me so scared that I felt like I'm going to die again!

"just as I said relax" the dragon spoke in a sweet feminine voice. It was very familiar voice. it's my sister's voice! "oh god this dragon ate Christina!" I shouted while tears steamed down at my face. Although I said that she gets on my nerves I never wanted her to die!

"hey it's me Christina only I'm not eaten or anything! let me explain you in detail" the dragon said and threw me on her back. I firmly hold on to her scales.

"Christina it's you?!" I will can't belive it. Am I dreaming? I pinched myself but it hurted. "It's not a dream" I muttered in very low voice which only I can hear. "of course it's not! We dragons have a great sense of smell and hearing" beside the yellow dragon a light Blue dragon with dark blue scales appeared.

"Mom I wanna tell him!" the yellow dragon called the blue dragon mom. It also called itself Chris. So logically thinking she is my mom! "mom?!" I exclaimed as the blue one giggled. "hey hey dad's here too!" now a red and purple dragon! and he is my dad?!

Only then did I notice that there were many dragons flying out in the sky. Blue, yellow, purple and some were double coloured too!

"We belong to the great dragon family." the blue one started explaining how n a serious tone. "When the kids turn 18 they are told the truth of their bloodline and brought here for awakening" "awakening is the process where you determine your dragon ability and given the power of transformation" she explained as I silently nodded. It still sounded unbelievable.

"I'm a healing type, mom is a ice type and dad has double power of poison and fire" oh so she is a healer?? Soon we reached a place where various people were gathered.

"we're here! get off!" she said and I followed. just as I got off she turned into a beautiful women with blonde hairs. "Christina?!" I exclaimed "you still didn't believe it was me?" she said when le pouting. Man it's really her! not o ly she the blue and red-purple also transformed into mom and dad. "Mom! Dad!"

"hey there!" my dad said.

"let's go" my mom said while walking into a huge stadium. it was three no ten times a normal football court and a bit scary the sky here was red and there were no grass and it felt as if the ground has been sucked dry of it's water.

"my respect to the great master" my mom and dad vowed to a old man who had a very long beard and was wearing a daoist robe. "looks like a we have a new flame dragon" my dad said while looking around. So, it felt so hot and dry because a flame dragon has awakened?

"yeah, quite powerful I'll say" the great master said witha smile. no exaggeration I actually felt a great pressure as if I'm going to be Buried alive in the ground coming from him.

"oh so he is your son? he is here for his awakening?" the old man said while looking at me "yes great master" "I see" he said while caressing his beard "follow me" he turned back and stoped at a stone palate. I followed behind him.

"put your hand here and after that your conscience will be brought to a place where you'll see various coloured planets" he continued "you'll feel a strange attraction coming from one of them and that'll be your attribute" "but remember there will be a shining planet and you must not touch it...well it itself reject people so I think it won't be a problem" he finished and pointed at a square on the stone palate.

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