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It was about ten when Fu Tinghao finally woke up the next morning. The sun was already out in the open and the reflection cascaded the window blinds.

He stretched and stepped out of bed. He was in the washroom taking a bath when he suddenly remembered that he seemed to have taken in a person the night before.

When he got to the living room where she was supposedly sleeping since she dozed off on the couch, she was gone. What he met was Lulu who was lying on the chair and a note pasted to the table.

He leaned closer and read the contents of the note.

[Mr. Fu, thank you for taking me in yesterday. I am very grateful. If there is a chance, let me treat you to a meal.]

Fu Tinghao stared at the paper quietly with his brows furrowed. It was then the cat on the sofa purred. It rolled down in its sleep and just when it was going to land heavily on the floor, Fu Tinghao reached out to grab it.


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