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Whenever Fu Tinghao and Tang Wan walked past a staff, they would stop and say hi to him. Most of them would look at him and ask, "Director, you're going for a run?"

Then, the man would reply with a short reply. Tang Wan noticed he wasn't a talkative person.

They jogged countless times round the field in the psychiatry a few times before returning to their respective destinations dripping with sweat. Fu Tinghao returned to his office upstairs while Tang Wan returned to her ward.

As she stood under the shower with the running water dripping down her long black silky hair, she remembered the things that happened while they were on the run.

Although it didn't seem like it, she noticed that the walls of the psychiatry were deliberately sealed isolating from the other departments of the hospital.

Was it to protect the other patients? Or, to protect the mental patient themselves?

She had no idea why nor was she interested in knowing. As she finished bathing, she grabbed a towel and wrapped herself up. Then, she left the shower and left the bathroom.

The dress Fu Tinghao sent to her that morning was placed on the bed alongside her breakfast. She dressed and ate before a doctor came to get her for therapy.


"Miss Tang, I heard you studied at Tsinghua?"

Tang Wan leaned back on the chair she was sitting on and nodded affirmatively, even though she had no idea why the man was asking her that.

Fu Tinghao smiled good-naturedly. "You must have been very brilliant then?"

Of course, she was brilliant. She was her father's pride back then.

But Tang Wan replied humbly, "Well… not really. I was just going with the flow."

Fu Tinghao smiled as though in his mind, he wasn't thinking: Going with the flow, my foot.

"Why are you asking?" Tang Wan asked.

The man smiled. "I was just wondering, such an intellectual beauty, there must have been a lot of men chasing you."

Tang Wan lowered her head, a tint of red appearing at the corner of her ears. She mumbled, "Am I beautiful?"

"Of course, you are a beauty," the man replied.

He wasn't lying. Although, the young woman wasn't so beautiful that she could cause commotion, she was also stunning. Her looks were exquisite and unique. One could easily recognize her in a crowd.

All women were vain creatures; they all liked being praised. So even though, Tang Wan didn't have much self- confidence, she was naturally happy after being praised for her beauty.

She said as a matter of fact, "Of course. I was pursued by countless handsome men. Not only was I beautiful, I was also the deputy president of the student union. It was no wonder a lot of people wanted to curry favor with me."

Fu Tinghao was speechless: Woman, you're so narcissistic.

"But…" she sighed, continuing. "I was engaged to Feng Jun back then. He was also very protective of me and wouldn't let me get close to any other men.

To the young me, it was actually very sweet. But now that I think of it, I think he was only afraid he would be cuckolded. If only I knew, I would have gone out with a few men."

Fu Tinghao furrowed his brows and was about to correct her when she suddenly lamented, "I was very stupid."

Fu Tinghao frowned. He reached out to tap the desk to get her attention. "You were not stupid. If you had done that, you would also suffer some backlash. Who knows if that other man also had malicious intentions?"

Tang Wan nodded. "That's true."

"Also, it wasn't your fault your husband decided to cheat on you. It's because he's got bad character and principles. As a normal person, it's inevitable to place your trust in others. But, it's definitely not your fault if that person tramples on it. You just have to be smarter next time. It's right to trust, but don't place your life in someone else's hands."

"Thank you for comforting me," Tang Wan replied with a smile. She heaved a sigh of relief. It was as though a heavy weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

"Are you comfortable here?"

"Yeah." She was comfortable and relaxed here. Everyone treated her well here. She got along with the cleaner aunty and the gardener uncle. The doctors also treated her well. Especially Fu Tinghao, he listened to her worries and helped her feel relieved.

"That's good to hear."

Tang Wan smiled and the two continued to chat for a few more hours. Then, she returned to her ward feeling lighter and more relaxed.

The saying that a problem shared was half solved really worked with her.


Tang Wan found herself standing at the door of the female section of Tai Lake Chao Resort; a resort known for its hot springs. She had just finished her morning exercise with Fu Tinghao that morning, when he suddenly invited her to take a hot bath.

Apparently, in his own medical terms, morning bath makes the body get the oxygen needed and enough oxygen in the brain relieves stress. It also helps you calm, relax and have a good start of the day.

When Tang Wan was still a socialite, she had also come to the resort quite a few times with her friends. Tai Lake Chao was also renowned and a lot of socialites purchased their services.

Tang Wan looked at Fei Yan, the lady doctor meant to accompany her to the bath. After all, no matter how worried Fu Tinghao was, he was still a man. He had to respect the gender diversity.

The two women walked into their private lounge and changed their clothes before stepping into the bath.

Tang Wan hissed lightly as her body submerged into the water. It wasn't that hot to the extent of scarring her, but, due to the sudden change in the temperature, made her give a reaction.

But as a few minutes passed, she already got used to it. Her body slowly succumbed to the wonders of soaking in water. It made her relieve. The water surrounded her and it was as though every spot the water touched was soothed. It made her forget every trouble on her mind and it was as though she had no problems in life.

Twenty minutes later, the two women left the bath and breathed fresh hair. They got dressed and left their stall. Fu Tinghao was already waiting for them at the hallway that connected the two hot bath sections.

The moment the duo reached where he was standing, he handed them a cup of drink each. "Let's go back."

They got into his car and drove back to the hospital. Tang Wan didn't return to her ward immediately. She chatted with a few nurses for sometime before going back to her hideout.

Tang Wan didn't really consider her ward her hospital ward. It was as though she was living in her own home. Although not as comfortable as being home, but the environment was lively and serene. There were also a few mental patients but Tang Wan had never seen them cause trouble. The doctors were very efficient.

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