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Tang Wan woke up feeling relaxed and much more comfortable. She sat up and looked out of the window blinds beside her bed. It was already midday. She had slept for more than three hours.

She hadn't slept so comfortably in a long time.

She pulled the blinds, letting the sunlight seep into the ward. With a relaxed gesture, she stepped down from the bed and stretched. She looked around the ward and felt, even more, the difference between her previous hospital and this one.

There she was confined in her ward and wasn't allowed to go out. She was still lost in thoughts when the door to the ward was knocked. She looked in the direction of the door and called out, "Come in."

The door opened and a middle-aged woman entered, holding a takeout box. Tang Wan immediately stiffened and she looked her over. The woman was wearing a blue uniform. Tang Wan's gaze fell on the name tag at the right corner of her T-shirt. Her name was Mrs. Wang Rui. She was a non-medical staff of the hospital.

Mrs. Wang approached Tang Wan with a wide smile on her face. "You're awake."

Knowing that she was one of the hospital's employees, Tang Wan's suspicion was reduced. She smiled politely, adjusting the collar of her pajamas. "Yes."

Mrs. Wang nodded and walked further into the ward. She lifted Tang Wan's bed and adjusted the adjoining table. Then, she placed the box on it.

Tang Wan stared at her baffled as she walked to the bathroom and opened the door. Curiously, Tang Wan followed her and she saw her run the tub.

After a few minutes, she dipped her hand in the bath. Then, she turned and said to Tang Wan, "I've run your bath. It's warm. Take your bath first. I'll be waiting for you."

Before Tang Wan could even react, she left the bathroom and closed the door. Tang Wan stepped further into the bathroom. There wasn't much to see and it was just as simple as a bathroom could be. But, all of the necessary were put in place.

She pulled off her pajamas and stepped into the bathtub. She lowered herself into the warm water and immediately felt a cool sensation running through her body.

Her muscles contracted for a moment and slowly relaxed. She felt relaxed and eased as the water seeped through her skin. She breathed out.

It wasn't that she didn't have a good bath in the former hospital. But due to the way she was treated, she also felt tense. However, it was different here. Here, no one looked at her with fear-filled eyes. It also made her loosen up.

She soon finished bathing and stepped out of the bathroom door wrapped in a long bathrobe. As she walked out, she saw Mrs. Wang standing at the door and chatting with another woman. She collected a bag from the woman and shut the door.

The moment she turned and saw Tang Wan standing at the door of the bathroom, she beamed and handed her the bag. She said, "You should change into this."

"This is?" Tang Wan blurted out, opening the bag. There was a pair of matching black top and black joggers.

She nodded understandingly at Mrs. Wang and entered the bathroom with the clothes. She then returned fully dressed. Mrs. Wang gestured for her to sit on the bed which she did. Then, the older woman began to uncork the box.

She brought out three smaller boxes and opened them. Tang Wan was immediately faced with three boxes filled with several unique delicacies.

Mrs. Wang pulled out a pair of chopsticks and handed them to her. "Eat well. I'll be back soon."

Tang Wan nodded gratefully as the woman opened the door and left the ward. Tang Wan looked down at the food and began to eat.

Not only was the aroma of the meal captivating, but the taste was also top-notch. She was quite familiar with the taste of the meal. After all, it was from a restaurant that was very popular amongst the socialite circle of Suzhou.

Orchard Restaurant

It was a place where every rich man showed off his wealth. Not only were all the chefs Michelin starred, but the restaurant décor was also top-notch. What was even more unique about this restaurant was that, no matter how rich you are, you can't buy meals unless you've booked a spot a month earlier.

Tang Wan herself had only eaten there twice but she didn't forget the heavenly taste of the meals. She was even further impressed by Fu Tinghao. Not only was the environment of his hospital comfortable, he even made sure his patients were fed with good food.

As Tang Wan ate, she thought of quite a several things. But then, she suddenly remembered. One could only order meals if you've booked a month earlier. It meant that the man had already prepared to transfer her to his hospital a long time ago.

She eyed the food with complicated emotions. If he also ended up scamming her, then it meant that the man was good at plotting.

But of course, Tang Wan didn't consider that Orchard Restaurant might be under the man's authority.

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