63 Signing The Agreement

"Good morning, President Tang." Two employees greeted her the moment Tang Wan walked into the company. Her assistant, Luo Jin was behind her.

Tang Wan had a small smile on her face as she waved at them. "Good morning."

Then, she proceeded toward the elevator with Luo Jin behind her. After they entered and Luo Jin keyed in their destination, she turned to look at him.

"Is everything prepared?"

"Yes, President." The man nodded.

Tang Wan gave a nod in understanding before she returned her gaze to the front of the elevator. The elevator soon stopped and they got out of it. They were on the conference floor. 

Tang Wan had called for a board meeting early that morning after she had investigated Zi Mei's claims the day before. It was all true and there were even some clues Zi Mei had not told her about.

So, she was there that morning to deal with the debt Yan Shu had incurred in the company's name.


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