108 Lan Zhi Getting Targeted

So, they wanted to deal with her because she had snatched the role from them. Tang Wan wanted to laugh but it wasn't funny. She knew how hard artists work to get roles in auditions. Not to talk of Lan Zhi who was even a newbie and would be tenser than they were.

She had won the role based on her abilities. What right, did anyone have to look down on that?

Tang Wan's gaze narrowed imperceptibly. She hated it when people played dirty trucks. But, it was even out of hand this time. Not only did they want to chase her out, but they were also going to use something that could jeopardize her life.

Tang Wan was displeased. Not only was Lan Zhi her artist. She was also her friend. And no one could do anything to her under her watch.

She slipped a hand into the pockets of her trousers and brought out her phone. Then, she dialed a number and placed the phone beside her ears.


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