80 Fu Tinghao

"You're not mad that I didn't tell you." Tan Mo asked, her voice sounding a little doubtful.

Yan Jing immediately leaked a laugh. He seemed at ease as he shook his head. But, no matter how Tan Mo looked at him, his tone sounded... weird.

"I'm fine. You don't have to worry."

Tan Mo tilted her head. "You sure?"



Tan Mo stretched and yawned as she slumped heavily on her bed. She looked at him and said, "I'm going to sleep."

Yan Jing seemed surprised. "So soon?"


She waved the screen in the direction of the other side of the room where suitcases were stacked and said, "I've been busy trying to prepare. I'm so tired."

Yan Jing lowered his head for a moment. Then, he worked out a small smile. "Okay. Goodnight, cupcake."

"Good night." Tan Mo mumbled distinctly with a pillow muffling her words as she lay on the bed. Then, she disconnected the call.


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