4 Contract Agreement

He placed the two cards in front of her gently. "This is my doctor's license. This is my identity card."

Tang Wan looked at the two cards and saw the name written in bold letters. She mumbled instinctively. "Fu Tinghao."


She looked at him. "Why do you want to help me?"

Fu Tinghao's gaze shifted and he said solemnly, "Because, it's my responsibility. I'm a doctor. I must make sure you're fine."

Tang Wan shook her head. "But, you're not my assigned specialist. I've seen her a few times."

"Yeah. Truth be told, I'm not working in this hospital," Fu Tinghao said. "I have my hospital."

Confused, Tang Wan said, "What do you mean?"

"I've received full rights to transfer you to my hospital. You'll receive treatment there."

"Doesn't this kind of thing need the patient's guardian to consent to transfer?"

Fu Tinghao smiled. "True. But, your guardian already washed his hands over your matter."

Tang Wan leaned back. She wasn't surprised. Of course, her deceitful husband wouldn't want to have anything to do with her.

She looked at Fu Tinghao. His words meant that he got consent. He only wanted to get her consent. A tiny part of her felt gratified. At least, he thought of knowing her stand on the matter.

He lifted his hand and looked at the wristwatch on his wrist. "We should get going now."

Tang Wan breathed out and stood up. She adjusted her creased pajamas and began to walk forward. But, he pulled out his hand to stop her.

"What's wrong?"

"Change your clothes first," he said. He opened the door and retrieved a white shopping bag. He handed it to her and pointed at the restroom. "I'll wait for you."

Tang Wan collected the bag and opened it to see the contents. Then, she walked into the restroom and shut the door.

Soon, she appeared in the ward dressed in a matching set of grey hoods and pants. The young woman looked at herself probably feeling uncomfortable.

Fu Tinghao smiled. "Are you uncomfortable?" He walked forward and adjusted the hood. "I don't have any experience in choosing female clothes… so, I chose unisex attire."

"It's nothing," Tang Wan forced a smile as they walked forward.

The young woman had lived her life as a pampered little princess. When had she ever dressed so simply when every event of her life was being closely monitored by the critique of the same social circle? And, the paparazzi.

Of course, she dared not complain. Finally, someone was willing to treat her like a human again. She wanted to enjoy the feeling.

As they reached the door, Fu Tinghao immediately stuck his hand out and turned the door knob. The door opened and he stood back. He smiled politely. "After you."

Tang Wan's gaze fell on that slender hand that held the door knob. She couldn't help but notice the long and clean cut of his fingers. His nails were trimmed. They were beautiful… Tang Wan shook her head. She shouldn't be mesmerized by someone's hands.

Fu Tinghao took her to his car and they soon left the hospital premises. They soon found themselves in front of a huge building. Tang Wan read the inscription on the huge plaque on the building.

'Fu Hospital.'

Fu Tinghao drove the car to the parking lot and parked the car. He stepped out and opened the door for the still mesmerized Tang Wan and they approached the main building.

As they reached the door, they saw a large group of people standing at the door. Most of them were putting on a doctor's coat.

Panic instantly gripped Tang Wan and she stiffened, seeing the huge crowd. This didn't go unnoticed by the man beside her though. He frowned and was about to tell the people to disperse when a loud sound reverberated.

Tang Wan shrieked in fright and felt some things falling on her. She looked up, defensively and was instantly dumbfounded when she saw the floor covered in colorful confetti.

She looked at the people in front of her who immediately shouted, "Welcome to the coven."

Tang Wan blinked, unable to process the things happening talking less of having any reactions.

Fu Tinghao beside her scratched his head speechlessly. It wasn't his fault that he had such employees.

He looked at Tang Wan and when he saw that she still had a dazed expression on her face, he turned to the group of people. "Okay, that's enough. You've scared her with your excitement. Alright, get back to work."

The employees looked at Tang Wan in realization and immediately dispersed. Fu Tinghao turned to Tang Wan. "Alright, let's go in."

Tang Wan nodded absentmindedly and the duo walked into the building under the watchful eyes of the doctors and non-medical staff pretending to work.

Fu Tinghao noticed them and immediately glared at them making them disperse immediately. Then, he led Tang Wan to the elevator.

As they entered and the elevator doors closed, two men appeared at the door. One of the doctors immediately noticed them. He immediately called out, "Mr. Wu Jing. Mr. Xu Yi."

The two also greeted back and hurriedly walked to the elevator too.

Meanwhile, Fu Tinghao and Tang Wan already reached the top floor. As they stepped out of the elevator, Li Jin, Fu Tinghao's assistant immediately approached them.


Fu Tinghao looked at him. "Are you done with the preparations?"

"Yes, boss," Li Jin said. "I've placed the documents on your desk."

Fu Tinghao nodded and led Tang Wan into the office. He pointed at a single sofa and said, "You can sit."

"Thank you."

Fu Tinghao smiled and walked to the dispenser. As he was pouring water, Tang Wan was also taking the chance to look around the room. She was surprised by the uniqueness. Being a socialite herself, she had entered and seen many large and extravagant offices.

But, this was different. With only a single desk and a swivel chair. And of course, the sofa set, there wasn't much furniture. The office was spacious but not tacky. Silk curtains lined the floor-to-ceiling windows, giving it a modern and exquisite vibe. It was simple but opulent.

Likewise, the man at the dispenser was also watching her. He stared at her side profile as she sat comfortably on the sofa. Her legs were crossed elegantly; an action that he noticed that she was used to. Even though she was only putting on a hood and pants, it was unable to hide the elegance in her bones.

He noticed that her eyes weren't as shifty as they were at first. She was also relaxed as she brazenly ran her gaze over his office. He didn't know what struck her amazement about the office. After all, he worked here every day and didn't notice any uniqueness.

But, he was relieved. As long as she wasn't on edge. At that moment, she didn't look like a mental patient but rather, like a normal person. But of course, he didn't dare to lower his guard. He hadn't seen her throw a fit during her episodes. And, he had to be prepared for that moment.

He took the two cups of honey water and handed one of them to Tang Wan. He saw that she collected it, and ran her gaze over it silently but did not drink it.

He smiled and drank a mouthful of water. "It's just honey water."

Tang Wan smiled. "Thanks. I'm just not thirsty."

Fu Tinghao merely nodded and didn't expose her. He walked to the desk and picked up the document desk. He flipped it open and began to read the contents. Afterward, he approached her and placed the document in front of her.

"What's this?" she asked.

"Read it."

Tang Wan's brows furrowed and she picked up the file. She opened it and read the contents. When she was done, she lifted her head and looked at him. She saw that he was now sitting at his desk, looking at her silently.


"You're done," he said. "How is it? If you are not satisfied, we can review it."

Tang Wan glanced at the words, 'Contract Agreement' written in bold letters on top of the document. She looked at him, her gaze apprehensive. "You'll provide everything needed for my treatment regardless of the cost?"

Fu Tinghao nodded. "Yes."

"I can choose to withdraw from treatment as long as I have solid reasons?"


Tang Wan choked. "But, you are not gaining anything. If something goes wrong, you might even incur losses. Why do you want to do such unprofitable business?"

"It's not a business," Fu Tinghao corrected. "Most importantly, I'm gaining something. The happiness that I get whenever my patients get well. The joy from saving a life. No reward can compare to it."

Tang Wan swallowed. Every doubt in her heart immediately dissipated the moment she saw the fervor in his eyes. The passion about his job. That couldn't be feigned.

She breathed out. "Okay. Let's do this."

He smiled and pulled a fountain pen from the pen holder. He gave it to her to sign and she signed. He also collected the document and signed too.

He stretched his hand out. "Happy cooperation."

Tang Wan stretched her hand out too. "Happy cooperation."

Then, she took the cup to her lips and drank a mouthful of the water.

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