My Eternal Love,Come Melt My Heart! Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

My Eternal Love,Come Melt My Heart!


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catch her!" Jin mi was being chased after by the guards. she didn't want to live with the person that killed her friend. she ran as fast as she could as she was running she looked back to see if they were still close by. While looking back,she bumped in a man who was bleeding heavily. She was shocked with the amount of blood he was losing and stumbled but was caught by him but due to his blood loss he was weak and fell on the floor to. His lips crashed onto hers as they fell on the floor. Surprisingly he didn't want to get off,she tasted good. He slowly started to kiss her. she was looking at him,she didn't know what he just did,but it felt.. good. Jin mi pulled his face closer to hers and pecked him on his lips . . . yo what's up? follow me on insta:swimmergirl090 and follow my sister :lilbouge_shawty


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