My escape to him Book

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My escape to him


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Rebirth!!! Shouldnt the protogonist be happy about it . I DONT THINK SO. our protogonist is currently cursing the god his nine generation of family. She is swearing in her heart that if she will get a chance she will personally behead this annoying god. Was her life this scary that she really wanted to die again and really really started hating god and started cursing him like this?? Then answer will be a big 'NO' She can only do one thing now " Submit to fate for sometime and change a bit detail of her life as compare to previous one and then she can enjoy a bit and after that when she will be bored she can die agaain" " Seems like a nice plan!!!" But this little bit change will make her really surprised. The rebirth really gave a chance to not to get bored this time.


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