1 Chapter one

I woke up this morning feeling excited than ever before.Usually I'm a heavy sleeper but I haven't been able to sleep properly this whole week.Finally I'm leaving South Africa with one of my former ballet friends.God knows how long I have been waiting for this day to come.Waking up I stretched my body feeling alive for the first time,made my bed with Bratz duvets and pulled my Bratz curtains open.I looked across my bedroom and spotted my sister's bed empty but not yet made,damn I'm really going to miss this child although I'll never admit it.

After I taking a shower and getting dressed in a tank top,high waist Jean,some of my favorite sneakers and a warm violet jacket.l starred at the mirror and signed,MY HAIR WAS A FREAKING MESS.Thats one of the problems with African natural hair,its hard to maintain.I signed and grabbed my comb,knowing that Sophie hates being late and she'll definitely kill me this time.

After a whole twenty minutes of trying to get every single piece of hair neatly combed I ran to the kitchen and grabbed some pancakes, I mean who in the world wouldn't, knowing that you won't be back home for a long time you would atleast try to taste your home made meal for the last time.Just that thought made me run back and squeeze my four fluffy and gorgeous German Shepherds goodbye.Perheps after getting a house I'll find a way to get them shipped over to my new home.

I turned on my heels and made my way to the door when I saw my crying mom and emotionless dad. My heart just ached at the sight of them and gave them a tight hug before letting go.

"Promise me you will take care of yourself",my mom said.I stared at her with a duh expression on my face but quickly changed it when I saw her squinting her eyes.

"Don't mind your mom she's just worried about you"my dad spoke breaking the silence

"I know dad and it's okay I understand,although I'll miss you guys so much"

Sure I'll miss them but not the hiding that I received all my life.

"Don't worry I won't"

Aagh I almost forgot about my little pain in the butt sister.Guess she finally decided to get up.

"Ooh don't stress about it LITTLE sis I wasn't gonna miss you anyways"

I can't stand this child it's almost as if she was born to take away everything I valued at that time.Before she was born I remember being excited to meet her now,not so much.

There was a loud and long hoot outside our home and I realised that it was Sophie.Shit I cursed underneath my breath,I knew Sophie was gonna kill me.It's almost as if my parents read my mind. They instantly started grabbing my suitcases and started loading them in Sophie's car.I would be driving my own by now but I'm not yet eighteen years.

I finished Highschool when I was seventeen.I know so your probably wondering what is a seventeen year old doing going across the world without her parents,well luckily for me I'm actually with an adult,Sophie.She's my friend from my former ballet school so since she already does ballet in North America I figured that I could go with her to study there.

As I was entering Sophie's car my dad went round to her side and stared at her deeply in the eye.

"If anything happens to my daughter they'll be hell to pay.""Are we clear"

Sophie looked terrified

"Yes sir".

"Good now travel safely and call us when you catch your airplane,and land"

"Cool bye guys"

As the car was turning to leave I caught a glimpse of my little sister crying.So she does care about me but doesn't like showing it.This was the first time ever seeing her cry for me.I thought.I suddenly got a lump in my throat from guilt.I'll never get to say bye to her properly again.