My Ella's Fairytale  Book

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My Ella's Fairytale

Flame Flower

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Cindy Ella Mae Vasquez was once the Princess everyone adore. Not until that one incident happened that really changed her life. Being broken and betrayed, she runaway and pretended to be a commoner. After three years of peace, her parents want her back to marry a guy named Eijun Warross. Having no choice, she agreed to her parents' terms. For Eijun, meeting Ella was the worst. She's not just a simple brat but also a certified brutal! That's why he promised himself that he will do anything just to stop that engagment they are in. But meeting the real Cindy Ella Mae behind her defensive mask, little by little changed Eijun's plan. But that doesn't mean it's already the happy ending of their fairytale. Because Ella's past is hunting her, chasing her and wants to devour her. She was once the princess everyone adore and Eijun is willing to be her prince even though it means sacrificing his own happiness. The unique once upon a time of true love, family, friends and hate has come to make you feel what it means to love a broken princess with a terrifying past. Remember, this ain't the beginning not the end of the whole fairytale.