The wooden window clasped against each other as it swung open abruptly. Cold air gushed into the room as Sky Boateng flinched in bed, finally waking from her slumber. Her gaze averted to the opened window. The sky had not lit up and the atmosphere dull. She saw no sun, moon or stars and her heartbeat steadily rose. Sky Boateng still facing her window, stretched her hand backwards to pick up her phone. But instead, she grabbed onto something else.

"I love you babes." a strange voice whispered.

"Now I'm hearing voices too. I must be crazy." Sky said as she giggled faintly.

"But let's break up." the voice continued.

Sky knew something was wrong and even her room gave her the creeps. Sky suddenly felt someone grab onto the arm she stretched backward. She slowly turned terrified and shaking. And there IT was AGAIN.

"Nooooooooooooooo!" Sky screamed as she woke up. She pinched herself to check if she wasn't still dreaming.

No one came to Sky's room to check on her because she did this every day. They only checked on her on days she did not scream. "She's alive" Michael, my twin brother would scream and walk right out.

Sky's nightmares started a few month ago. Her first scream was heard on the morning of her 18th birthday. And ever since, mornings in the Boateng's household had always been the same.

When she first had this nightmare, her family showed so much concern and worry. Her screams were frustrating and disturbing at first but they all became used to it. After a week passed, she became the house alarm. An alarm that woke everyone just in time for their daily activities.

Sky's nightmares always ended with her seeing a beastly image, a faceless phantom. As far as she knew, she had been single all her life and the idea of dating a ghost was just terrifying. She had seen a lot of movies about girls dating ghost, vampires, and even werewolves and she did not want that for herself. Sky wanted a normal life since she thought her life was weird enough.

Sky got into an accident when she was 16 and woke up after a few months in coma. When Sky woke up after the accident, her mum, Madam Nessa told Sky she had been in coma for three months but she had no idea what happen the two years before she was in coma.

Mr. Boateng, Madam Nessa and Michael ignored her whenever she asked about how she got into the accident and what happened in the lost two years of her life. And when they decided to answer they gave very short answers.

"My intelligent daughter, you were just like every other normal teenager but you were smarter. You are still as smart" Mr. Boateng always said this with a bright smile on his face.

"We moved here after your accident" Madam Nessa said. Michael was always silent.

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After all that Sky had been though, the thought that she could be engaged to a supernatural crept her out.

"Could my life be any weirder" she sighed as she thought of her dream.

"Why do I always have these recurring dreams? Why do I keep seeing this phantom?" Sky hugged her pillow and before she knew she was fast asleep.



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